Our Mission


The City of Frederick Department of Economic Development (DED) strives to increase economic opportunity for Frederick by supporting and promoting a community where businesses and residents can thrive. 


DED's mission is achieved through a focus on four strategic priorities.


Job Creation

The 3,400+ businesses located within the City of Frederick currently provide approximately 49,000 jobs. However, with 90,000 potential workers living within a 15 minute drive of the City and population growth anticipated to continue at a rate of 4% through 2020, increasing local employment opportunities is critical to sustaining our vibrant, community-centered City.



Business Infrastructure Advocacy

Businesses rely deeply on local systems of communication, transportation, sewage, water and electric. Maintaining the efficiency and reliability of this framework gives businesses the ability to succeed in Frederick. 

As a particular point of emphasis, access to strategic roadways, railways, and runways - such as I-270, I-70, the MARC Train Line, and the Frederick Municipal Airport - has historically been and continues to be a key differentiator in economic attraction and retention for the City.



Downtown Revitalization

Downtown Frederick uniquely boasts a living, breathing historic district. The beautiful, two-and-a-half-century-old streets lay stage to a booming business sector and a thriving arts & entertainment scene. Initiatives such as the Carroll Creek Park, Main Street programming, and Downtown Hotel attraction, seek to honor and continue Frederick's long tradition of vitality. 



Corridor Revitalization

Though the iconic parks and streets of the downtown district frequently dominate Frederick's imagery, the City's limits extend much wider -- encompassing a nearly 25 square mile area of significantly contributing resources and businesses. Within these boundaries, the Golden Mile Area and East Frederick Corridor have been identified as important commercial growth opportunities. 


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