Meet Spring Intern Nick Masucci

Nick Masucci, Spring Intern for the Department of Economic Development.
The City of Frederick's Department of Economic Development frequently has interns from local colleges. They assist with anything from data analysis to writing content, depending on their interests and skills. Students bring a fresh perspective to our office, and in return, we seek to provide them with hands-on project experience. This spring, we have welcomed Nick Masucci. Take a few minutes to get to know Nick. 

Tell us about yourself.
I am a sophomore at Hood College from Berkeley Heights, NJ currently studying Business Administration and Public Relations. Outside of school, I play midfield on Hood’s Varsity Lacrosse Team and am a member of Tau Beta Eta, Hood's first fraternity. In my spare time I listen to and collect vinyl records. I also love watching The Office and Friday Night Lights.

Why were you interested in this opportunity?
I was interested in this internship because of the marketing and social media aspects of the internship. I want to work in public relations after college, and I think social media and marketing experience are very important for people trying to work in PR. Social media is becoming a big part of our society so I think it is definitely important to get real world experience working with social media and learning how to use it in a corporate setting. 

What will you be doing?
This spring I will be posting a series of short feature stories, called “Made in Frederick,” which will showcase different products that have been made here in Frederick. I will be speaking with the local businesses that make these products to get a better understanding of how these products are made and what kind of impact they have on the local community.

What do you enjoy about going to college in Frederick?
I enjoy going to college in Frederick because of how much there is to do in the city. I love going Downtown and going to The Record Exchange or getting food at Pretzel and Pizza Creations. There's a lot to do Downtown, especially for college students. I'm also a big fan of going to Baker Park when the weather is nice. Whenever I get the chance, I like to go running in Baker Park.

What do you hope to do after graduation?
After graduation I hope to work in public relations, either to work for a firm or to be part of a business's PR team. I would also like to try and coach high school lacrosse part-time.