This Week on Carroll Creek - May 11, 2015

Improvements are in full swing down at the Creek, with all sections at different levels of construction. Follow along with our blog to be 'in the know' on the status of Carroll Creek Park.

Looking West to the East Street bridge in the back ground.  The green reinforcing steel will be the new walls for the Mill Pond and Fountain.  The Mill Pond Fountain will be lit and the largest of the fountain/ponds.  The Contractor has planned the work so that this pond will be the final fountain pond to go into service. Water levels at this point will be at least to the top of the green rebar and will cover the flat concrete within the rebar walls.

Standing on the East Street Bridge looking to the East (the old Union Mills building is the left), you can see the full  layout of the Mill Pond as the bulging north and south walls of the creek gives an idea of the magnificence of this planned creek widening and fountain. 

 A rendering of the creek improvements and pedestrian access at the proposed Union Mills improvements.

With all the talk of fountains, we thought you might want to see the massive structures that make the fountains work.

The three structures pictured are the underground fountain pumping vaults.  There are four total being installed along Carroll Creek.  One has already been installed at the Galleria Fountain (See the picture below), near the Delaplaine and is nearly complete.  Of the three pictured above, one will be installed at the turning basin which is located to the south side of East Patrick Street. The remaining two pumping vaults will be buried on the north side and south side of the Mill Pond Fountain.  All work is scheduled to be completed between October and December of this year.

 Fountain at the Galleria (Delaplaine) with the pumping vault buried just beyond the fountain.

And amid all of the construction, we wanted you to know the ducks and new babies are doing well! 

About the Next Phase of Carroll Creek Park
This next phase of park improvements will include new and widened multi-use paths, landscape planters, lighting, water features and crosswalk improvements. The work will occur primarily between Bentz and S. Market Street and between the Delaplaine Arts Center and East Patrick Street. More than $100M in new and renovated private construction is planned along the new park/path sections which will eventually result in hundreds of new jobs and increased state and local tax revenue.