City of Frederick Provides Corporate Fitness Membership Program to Reduce Employer Healthcare Costs & Promote A Healthy Workforce

City of Frederick businesses have the opportunity to provide affordable fitness memberships to employees at the William R.Talley Fitness Center. The Corporate Membership program is available to all City businesses and provides discounted memberships to employees. Businesses can cover the costs of membership for their employees or pass along the savings. 

    Wellness Programs Support Lower Healthcare Costs

    Implementing a wellness program, including access to a gym or fitness facility, reduces healthcare costs for employers and demonstrates an investment in an organization's workforce.  According to a Kaiser Family Health study, large firms offering wellness programs reduced employer healthcare costs by $3.27 for each dollar spent on the wellness program.  Additionally, an article published in the Health Affairs Journal indicates that organizations with health promotion programs experienced an overall reduction of approximately 25% in sick leave, health plan costs, and workers compensation and disability costs.

    Corporate Membership Details

    • Employers must pay City taxes and be located within the municipal limits of the City.  Non-profit organizations that do not have government association also qualify.
    • Membership Costs
      • Adult Membership Costs: $21/month ($240 annually)
      • Senior Membership Costs: $16/month ($170 annually)
    •  Qualifying business must provide written request on company letterhead and provide the Fitness Center with an employee list
    The Talley Fitness Center offers a complete assortment of fitness equipment/machines, on-site lockers and shower facilities, and a robust walk-in fitness class schedule.
    For additional information, please contact Fitness Center Supervisor April Kane at 301-600-3848 or