How to Market Your Retail or Office Space to Potential Tenants

An Introduction to Online Business Location Search

Whether a start-up or a business simply looking for new space, online property search tools are vital to finding a new business location.  Commercial brokers assist their clients and utilize online database services to locate potential business locations. 

For individual property owners interested in leasing space directly, it is important to also include your property listing in online commercial property databases.  Both CoStar and LoopNet are popular services and enable both commercial brokers and individuals to search for available business locations.  As a property owner, you may include your listing in both services at no charge for a basic listing.  Property listings can include details including a space description, square footage, photographs, and pricing.  Follow the instructions below to ensure your listing is viewable to your potential tenants and always feel free to contact the Department of Economic Development for additional resources.

How to add your listing to LoopNet

1. Add a Listing / Create an Account - Begin your listing by accessing LoopNet's website.  Next, select "Add a lease listing".  You will also be prompted to open an account and provide your name, an email address, and to create a password.

2. Add Your Property - This is your opportunity to include the important information prospective tenants are looking for, including the space size, price, pictures, and a complete property description.

3. Select Your Listing Type - Continue with a complimentary standard listing or select a premium listing. 

4. Track Your Listings - Once your property listing is live, you can monitor the listing and make any changes/updates in real-time.

How to add your listing to Costar

Once you have created a listing in LoopNet, you have the information necessary for inclusion in CoStar.  Unlike LoopNet, a representative must enter your listing into the system.  This service is also available at no charge by completing the following steps:

1. Contact CoStar at 1-800-613-1303 or  Please be sure to include the listing description and photographs for your property listing.   

2. Review the proof of your listing.  Once CoStar has received your listing and entered the information into the system, you will receive a proof of the listing for your final approval.  Once the listing is approved, the property will become searchable in the CoStar database.