Inspiring Offices: Wood Street

In The City of Frederick, business spaces go beyond basics. Here, unique offices allow businesses to cultivate creativity, express their company's culture, and create a work environment that inspires.  From industrial to classic, artsy to funky, historic to high tech, spaces abound to meet a variety of needs. 

Inspiring Offices is a feature that highlights some of the creative and unique office spaces in Frederick.

Enjoy a behind-the-scenes peek inside this month's inspiring office in Frederick - Wood Street. Wood Street partner Jamie Stup answered a few questions about what they love about their office space. 

August 2015 Inspiring Office - Wood Street
Founded in 2002, Wood Street has built a reputation of consistently dedicating itself to outstanding web design and development, as well as quality customer service. They are located at 303 East Patrick Street in Frederick.

Through these core principles, we have been able to acquire top-notch design, development and marketing talent as well as ally ourselves with some of the area’s leading experts in the industry.

Wood Street is managed by the partnership of James Stup, Jon-Mikel Bailey, Jason Giuliano, and Derek Jubach. Their partner team has over 35 years of combined web design and development experience. Smart growth has been, and continues to be, a top priority for the company. Through this philosophy, they are able to provide cost-effective solutions to existing and potential clients.

Why did you choose your current office location and how long has Wood Street been located here? 
We choose our office based on several factors, including its proximity to Downtown Frederick, that we have plenty of parking, and the office layout is very open. We've been here since 2011.

Was it “move in” ready or did you have to design/fit it out? 
The office space was technically move in ready, but it really needed some updates to modernize it - wood flooring in the conference room, new floors in the kitchen and bathroom, and a new coat of paint as well as some wiring. The "southwest" themed wall paper needed to come down as well as the teal carpeting in the conference room.

What inspirations did you use to decorate/design the space?
We're still working on decorating. Obviously, we hung several pieces of our work as well as our awards and accolades, but for the most part we like having an empty canvas. We work daily in so many different mediums, its nice to have an office that grounds us.

What are the most unique aspects about your office space?
The openness, interior brick surface and the conference room overlooking the offices are by far the best qualities. The theme of our space is really one of collaboration and teamwork.

What do your employees like best about the office space?
The open-office design allows all employees to converse with each other as well as supervisors. Also, the high ceilings come in handy during our indoor corn-hole tournaments.

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