The City's Economic Development Advisory Council Begins Second Year

Appointed and ex-officio members of the Ad Hoc Economic Development Advisory Council and staff stand for a photo at the September 2015 EDAC meeting.
Approximately one year ago, a newly established group, the Ad Hoc Economic Development Advisory Council (EDAC), met to review plans for Frederick's economic future. Over the last year, the group focused on three specific topics to ensure The City of Frederick continues to attract private business investment, jobs, and economic opportunity. 
EDAC subcommittees addressed the following topics:
  • Land Management Code Revisions - The group evaluated the land management code and made recommendations to improve efficiency. At the September 2015 meeting, Deputy Director of Planning Joe Adkins, AICP reported that The City has retained a consultant to focus on making changes to improve the code.  The process will engage members of the community to assess current needs, and updates will be recommended to the Mayor and Board of Alderman for implementation. 
  • Business Personal Property Tax - With EDAC support, the Board of Alderman voted to eliminate Business Personal Property Tax in April 2015. Manufacturers are exempt from paying business personal property tax on new investments immediately, and the tax will be completely phased out for all businesses over a 10 year period. Learn more.
  • Small Business Tool Kit - Evaluate tools for businesses and make recommendations for additional programs to support businesses in The City of Frederick.
EDAC was tasked with providing guidance on:
  • Sound regulatory policies affecting business & industry
  • Annual economic development work program & budget
  • Business development incentives
  • Evaluation methodology to determine efficiency of economic development programs
  • Special issues/projects assigned by the Mayor & Board of Aldermen
  • Community education on economic & business development topics
For more information, review past EDAC agendas and meeting minutes