Introducing Thrive Frederick - A New Marketing Concept for DED

Whether it's your first visit to Frederick or you call it home, you notice it thrives. It has 
  • Thriving Arts, Culture & Music
  • Thriving Shops and Dining
  • Thriving Small Businesses
  • Thriving Manufacturing and Biotech Companies
  • A Thriving Historic Downtown
  • Thriving Students and 
  • A Thriving Economy.
Here, thriving is a state of mind for local business owners and residents and a defining feature of the community. 

When Frederick's Department of Economic Development (DED) wanted to update their marketing materials, it didn't have to look far for inspiration. Every day, the department strives to increase economic opportunity in Frederick by supporting and promoting a community where businesses and residents can THRIVE. 

Beginning in 2016, DED will roll out new marketing materials as they promote their services to the community and represent Frederick as a business destination. The fresh, new colors and design represent the forward-moving and thriving community of Frederick.  

The Process
DED contracted with Jean Peterson Design for the Brand Development Discovery process and to develop the new look and feel for the department's marketing materials. Community partners and business leaders were invited to participate in a brand discovery survey that helped guide the new concept. 

Through stakeholder surveys, it was determined the new look and feel should be 
  • Simple
  • Hi-Tech Industrial
  • Modern
  • Refined
  • Colorful
Favored colors included
  • Blue
  • Navy Blue
  • Orange Red
  • Black
  • Gray
  • Green
  • Yellow / Gold
The information was gathered and analyzed, and with recommendations from senior City staff and the Economic Development Advisory Council, a new marketing concept was chosen. 

Coordinating the Concept 
As a part of the overall project, the same Brand Development Discovery process was used for two additional City departments, Parking and the Airport. Jean Peterson Design found the uniting elements, and created a concept that works across multiple departments. These are harmonious side-by-side, but each can be used independently as well.

How The Concepts Will Be Used
These colors and designs will guide printed collateral such as rack cards, advertising, trade show panels, presentations, digital media, and more. It will give marketing materials a fresh look and feel as these departments represent Frederick locally, regionally, nationally, and even internationally. The concepts are designed to work in coordination with the official city seal and present a cohesive marketing effort.