Inspiring Offices: iHire's Open Office Space Inspires Collaboration & Creativity

In The City of Frederick, business spaces go beyond basics. Here, unique offices allow businesses to cultivate creativity, express their company's culture, and create a work environment that inspires. From industrial to classic, artsy to funky, historic to high tech, spaces abound to meet a variety of needs. 

Inspiring Offices is a feature that highlights some of the creative and unique office spaces in Frederick.

Enjoy a behind-the-scenes peek inside an inspiring office in Frederick - iHire. iHire's office is located in the former Bottling Works building on East All Saints Street in Downtown Frederick. The rehabilitated building retains its original industrial feel while providing a collaborative and efficient work environment for iHire's talented workforce.

iHire provides services to both employers and job seekers. Employers are provided tools to quickly and effectively fill open positions. Additionally, job seekers have access to a single platform that provides postings from numerous online sources.

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iHire Chief Administrative Officer Lisa Shuster answered a few questions about what she  enjoys most about the office.

Why did you choose your current office location and how long has iHire been located here?

iHire has been in Downtown Frederick for about 15 years and in our current location for almost 10. We chose Frederick, as being in the county enables us to attract employees who prefer not to commute to DC or Baltimore. Further, the picturesque community has so much to offer our employees in the way of entertainment, dining and family-friendly activities; yet, we are still close to major metropolitan areas.    

Was it “move in” ready or did you have to design/fit it out?

Our space has evolved over the years. In the past, some customer-facing functions were housed in our Frederick location, such as our Customer Service and Sales teams, which required more traditional settings such as offices or cubicles, affording employees greater privacy/quiet. Those functions have transitioned to our Indiana office, giving us the opportunity to create a space more conducive to transparency, collaboration and innovation.  While we met with some designers for ideas, we managed the project in-house and inexpensively.    
There's plenty of brain fuel in iHire's well-stocked kitchen.
What inspirations did you use to decorate/design the space?

Our goals in designing the space were as follows: 

  • Create an environment conducive to the greatest degree of collaboration possible (especially cross-functional collaboration)
  • Increase communication and transparency
  • Stimulate more casual conversations and decision-making given the lack of physical barriers, with perhaps fewer formal meetings being held, as a result
  • Inspire greater team cohesiveness

What are the most unique aspects about your office space?

Our space is a completely open office with a number of “collaboration areas,” and even our senior leaders are “on the floor” with our employees. Staff members have the option to work sitting or standing at their adjustment desks, which are on wheels and may be moved for maximum flexibility/collaboration. Private/quiet areas are available for those needing some quiet time or privacy.  

What do you or your employees like best about the office space?

Our employees have reported that our new space has fostered transparency and trust, creating a relaxed work environment that is both productive and fun. In addition, the open office space has improved the follow of communication within teams. Instead of generating a constant stream of emails and waiting for replies, we ask questions face-to-face and get instant answers, resulting in greater ease and efficiency.  

Behind iHire's reception desk resides a 3D Printer.  Employees have the opportunity to upload their designs and create custom artwork as displayed above. 

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