City of Frederick Bond Rating Upgraded Following 2016 Bond Tour

The City of Frederick received an upgraded rating from Standard & Poors (S&P) to AA+ with a stable outlook, following an evaluation last month.  Analysts from each of three major bond rating agencies (Fitch, Moody's, and S&P) toured The City of Frederick in late February to supplement their research and learn about the current and future investment activity within the City.

Read on for a summary of commercial development activity within The City of Frederick and highlighted trend data from the materials shared with each rating agency.

  • Positive population growth
  • Stabilized and increasing housing values
  • Strong business growth
    • Bio/lifesciences and advanced technology
    • Healthcare, services, retail
  • Fort Detrick and National Cancer Institute
  • National Interagency Biodefense campus
  • Construction of new USAMRIID Laboratory
  • Downtown Frederick
    • Completion of Carroll Creek Linear Park (Phase II)
    • Rehabilitative and infill projects 
  • Golden Mile
    • Redevelopment of Frederick Towne Mall
  • East Frederick
    • Small Area Plan development and planned residential and commercial taking shape

Analysts were provided with a directory of commercial development projects in various stages of construction within The City of Frederick.  A complete listing is available for download below.
Access the links below for the complete development directory and bond briefing presentation:

Download - Development Directory (PDF)
Download - Bond Briefing Presentation (PDF)