Made in Frederick: Uncle Ralph's Not Yet Famous Cookies

By Michelle Kershner

In The City of Frederick, many local businesses make and manufacture their own products. From popcorn and coffee to dog treats, many businesses are choosing Frederick as a place to make their products and to do business.

Made in Frederick is a feature that showcases these businesses and their products. 
Made in Frederick: Uncle Ralph's Not Yet Famous Cookies
Located on Frederick's east side, Uncle Ralph's has been offering their baked goods for over three decades. Their sweets and cookies more closely resemble home-baked goods than factory-baked desserts. Anne-Margaret Denlinger, Sales and Marketing Specialist and daughter of owners Margaret and Ralph Wight, answered a few questions about Uncle Ralph's and let us have a behind-the-scenes tour at how their products are made.

How long has your company been in business?

Last August we celebrated our 30 year anniversary!

What is your product/products?
Our trademark product is our frozen ready-to-bake cookie dough but we also have baked cookies, baked and unbaked brownies, crumb cakes, pound cakes, mini cupcakes, and cinnamon rolls and twists.  In recent years we have also begun making specialized proprietary products for certain customers including, Roy Roger’s and Elevation Burger Restaurants.  

What makes your product different?
We never skimp on the good stuff.  Since the beginning, chocolate chips have always been and will always be the number one ingredient in our chocolate chip cookies because what’s a chocolate chip cookie without the chocolate chips?  This philosophy runs through all of our product lines from cookies to cupcakes.  We use top quality gourmet ingredients with no added artificial preservatives in any of our products.

What do you want your customers to know about your product?

As we have grown over the years, our processes have become more automated but each product is still made with some level of hands on labor from our dedicated employees. From measuring to mixing to scooping, our employees take immense pride in the products they make.  While it may not be made in our family kitchen anymore, we guarantee it will still taste like it was.

Products like cookies and zucchini breads are made from
scratch and require an element of hands-on labor.
Our size also gives us the unique ability to make custom products.  We welcome the challenge of taking a customer’s recipes or ideas and figuring how to produce and distribute them on a larger scale.   

Why are you located in Frederick?
At the core of it, we are located in Frederick because it is home. The business was started in our family home right here in the city of Frederick.  As the business grew, there was never any question that it would always stay in Frederick. Its central location close to Baltimore and DC with easy highway access has helped the business grow and thrive.  Its location allows us the ability to deliver to our wholesale customers throughout the mid Atlantic region.

What does Frederick offer a company like yours?
Frederick offers a great sense of community and loyalty.  Despite not having a recognizable storefront on Market St., we have loyal retail customers who make sure to visit our Sweet Shoppe regularly for all of their sweet treat needs.  We also have many local wholesale customers who have been with us for years.  In turn, we make every effort to support the community with donations of cookies to local charities and events.  Our business has grown right along with the city and despite Frederick’s growth, it still has the wonderful small town charm that makes it a great place to live and do business.  

Sweet Shoppe Information

Hours:  Monday-Friday 8:30-5:00 (Open Saturdays between Thanksgiving and Christmas from 10:00-2:00).

Directions: We are in the large brown building (old Frederick Trading Company) across from the Family Meal and Pit Crew on East Street.  However, our Sweet Shoppe entrance can be accessed from 8th Street.  

Products Available: In the store you will find a freezer stuffed full of 2-pound bags of ready to bake frozen cookie dough, baked brownies, crumb cakes, pound cakes, and mini cupcakes.  We also have a limited selection of already baked cookies available.  If you want specific baked cookies, you can order them ahead of time to ensure you get just the flavor you want.  We also have cookie and brownie platters for order, which are great for gatherings and get-togethers, or even customer appreciation gifts.  

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Michelle Kershner is the Business Development Specialist for the City of Frederick Department of Economic Development.