5 Office Spaces That Inspire Every Day

Throughout the year, Inspiring Offices showcases unique, beautiful, and collaborative office spaces in Frederick. From standing desks to snack bars, these spaces stretch beyond the imagination to ignite creativity and spark innovation. Frederick's stock of historic and industrial buildings provide opportunities for businesses to express themselves through unique spaces. 

Here are five unique spaces that inspire employees every day in Frederick.
1.  Mosaic Power
Mosaic Power’s office space offers staff flexible space, outdoor retreats, and an industrial vibe. CEO Laurie Vaudreuil wanted the space to feel comfortable, like home.  And it does.  A shared kitchen, couches, and even a hammock allow staff to take a break without leaving the office. 

2.  Welocalize
Welocalize's office is located within the Glass Factory, a 17,000-square-foot structure that was built as a cannery in the early 1900s. It was previously a tailor company and also a window factory. Today, the renovated warehouse space is home to a variety of companies in Downtown Frederick. 

3.  Someone With
Someone With began as an online marketplace for breast cancer products, and expanded to include membership based financial service for those suffering from a chronic condition. The company's mission has inspired its office design. Pink is the classic awareness color for breast cancer, and it can be found infused into all aspects of the office's design. 

4.  En-Net
Located along East Street, En-Net's office served as a former torpedo factory and gym.Today, corrugated metal and bright colors make the space pop, while nooks and crannies create spaces to work and play. 

5.  Warner Commercial and Gallagher Design
These offices share an eclectic and rustic attic space in the heart of Downtown Frederick. On the corner of West Church and North Court Streets, the offices have high ceilings, wooden beams, and natural light.

Find Your Own Inspiring Office
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