Made in Frederick: Equipment Development Company (EDCO)

By Bobby Baumler
Photography By Melissa Dryman, Hood College Intern

In The City of Frederick, many local businesses make and manufacture their own products. From distilled spirits to dog treats, many businesses are choosing Frederick as a place to make their products and do business.  

Made in Frederick is a feature that showcases these businesses and their products.

Made in Frederick: Equipment Development Company (EDCO)
Located on Thomas Johnson Drive, among medical offices and surgical centers, EDCO has been producing its American made machines in Frederick since 1978. EDCO's floor grinders, saws, and other tools set the standard in the construction rental industry. Marketing Director Jason Stanczyk answered a few questions about EDCO and let us have a behind-the-scenes tour of how their products are made.

A view of the loading dock area where assembled machines are placed in shipping crates prior to being sent to customers around the world.

How long has your company been in business?
EDCO has been in business since 1959. The company started in Sliver Spring, MD and relocated to Frederick in 1978. 

What is your product/products?
We have two businesses:  EDCO Inc. and EDCO Fabrication.

EDCO Inc: We manufacture and sell a complete line of surface preparation, removal, & professional sawing equipment. The product families include, floor grinders, surface planers, tile removers, street saws, hardscape saws, and tile saws. These products are sold world-wide.

EDCO Fabrication: EDCO Fabrication is a full service fabrication provider specializing in laser cutting, forming and welding. We also offer finishing capabilities that include powder coating, wet painting and assembly. We can fabricate, weld, and finish large runs of various parts and products for all kinds of manufacturing companies. This services regional manufacturers.

What makes your product different?

The laser cutting machine reads computer-aided design
files to create custom metal pieces for both EDCO
machines and for EDCO Fabrication clients.
EDCO Inc:  What separates EDCO from competitors is product life span. Every product we manufacture is designed to be over-built and long-lasting.  The vast majority of EDCO products are sold into the rental industry, companies who buy product to rent to end users. Product life-span is crucial to rental success. The longer a rental item lasts, the more profit the item will produce. While competitors manufacture overseas, EDCO manufactures everything in America.  Raw steel enters our Frederick facility and leaves as finished products.

EDCO Fabrication:  Attention to detail and customer service separates us from competitors.  We have staff dedicated to assisting, quoting, following up, and delivering fabricated products to other manufacturers.  Staff takes customer specs and turns them into the item customers expect.

Beginning with a sheet of metal, the pieces are laser cut and welded together.  The pieces are then sent to the paint booth for a powder coat and then baked in the oven.  Following this process, the machines are assembled and tested prior to being packaged and shipped out to customers.
What do you want your customers to know about your product?

EDCO wants customers to know that when they invest in EDCO products or EDCO Fabrication that they have superior customer service. That's what our company is built on.  One of our company values reads like this: "Customer Dependent:  EDCO does not pay our salaries, the customer does. We remember that in everything we do. We are nothing without the customer." EDCO owes its customers the best service and product training.

Why are you located in Frederick?

We've been located in Frederick since 1978. EDCO originally moved to Frederick because 1) the company founders needed affordable manufacturing space for their growing company and 2) they liked the quiet living of 1970s Frederick.

Since EDCO's move from Sliver Spring, it has occupied an existing Frederick facility, built a new facility, and then added a massive space extension. EDCO's growth was never met with resistance.  Frederick's proximity to shipping lanes, Washington & Baltimore, and international airports make it a convenient area to ship product nationally and worldwide. We hire local employees directly out of Frederick County Public Schools - many who received specific manufacturing-related training from the Career and Technology Center.

Frederick has grown since 1978. EDCO is a family company with multiple generations involved. Frederick is a safe and vibrant place to raise our families. EDCO is proud its corporate headquarters is here.

What does Frederick offer a company like yours?

Frederick offers opportunity - professionally and personally.

Professionally - The area has good people.  We have employees who have been with EDCO for decades. The region houses many other manufacturing companies that are customers of EDCO Fabrication.

Personally - Frederick City is a vibrant, safe, and fun place to live. The area offers many opportunities for personal growth.

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