Partner Spotlight: Golden Mile Alliance

This month, our Partner Spotlight highlights the Golden Mile Alliance (GMA) as a resource for both new and existing businesses along Route 40 gateway into the City of Frederick.  The Golden Mile is a commercial corridor along Route 40 between US-15 on the east and the city limits on the west, and includes the adjacent residential neighborhoods.  The Golden Mile Alliance promotes investment and revitalization along the Golden Mile Corridor.

We recently spoke with board chair Deb Reynolds at GMA to learn more about the organization and the resources available to area businesses.

golden mile alliance.png

1.    What is the mission of the Golden Mile Alliance?
The mission of GMA is to promote and foster a vibrant and safe Golden Mile gateway community through business, neighborhood and economic development activities. GMA’s vision is to ensure that the Golden Mile is an attractive, diverse, and highly dynamic, mixed-use commercial corridor with top retail, office, and service uses linked by safe pedestrian routes and healthy residential neighborhoods and parks.

2.    What are your top priorities?
GMA focuses its efforts on commercial revitalization, job creation, enhanced transportation and pedestrian access and increasing mixed use development. GMA’s top priorities include promoting the cultural diversity to live, shop and dine on the Golden Mile.

Golden Mile - Vista Shops.jpg

3.    How did the organization get started/tell us some history about your organization.
The Golden Mile Alliance began as an ad-hoc committee appointed by Mayor Randy McClement in 2011.  By 2012, the Golden Mile Alliance was recognized as a partner with the City in the revitalization efforts along the Golden Mile.  A grass roots effort of Golden Mile businesses, residents and property owners, the GMA is now a 501(c) (3) non-profit organization that continues the revitalization efforts initiated by the City of Frederick to promote this area as a vibrant and safe economic and residential gateway community.

“From small shops to national chains, the Golden Mile offers both a traditional and international flair to your shopping and dining experiences. Come out and rediscover the magic and charm of this iconic gateway!”
— Deb Reynolds, Chairperson, Golden Mile Alliance

4.    Can you share any upcoming events or any news about your organization?
The Golden Mile Alliance hosts quarterly “Mixers on the Mile” where area residents, merchants, and business professionals can mix and mingle on the Golden Mile.  The next Mixer on the Mile will be held on December 7, 2017 from 5:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m. at Modern Asia at the Golden Mile Market Place, at 1306 W Patrick Street.

The Golden Mile Alliance also hosts “Movie on the Mile”, an event that draws hundreds of area residents, not only from the Golden Mile but from the communities throughout Frederick County.  This “free” event is open to the public and is made possible through generous sponsor donations from area businesses, and through fundraising efforts of the Alliance.  The next “Movie on the Mile” will take place on November 30, 2017 at the Holiday Cinema, 100 Baughmans Lane in Frederick. In addition to this year’s holiday-themed movie, rumor has it that “Santa” will make an appearance! In the spirit of the season, anyone who attends is asked to bring a non-perishable food item for the Frederick County Food Bank.

The Golden Mile Alliance annually hosts National Night Out jointly with the Frederick City Police Department  each August.  Helping to bring the community together, last year’s National Night Out brought out over 300 people and GMA served picnic staples like hot dogs and hamburgers along with beverages donated by HMart and Giant Eagle. GMA also sponsors other holiday and special events, business seminars and networking events throughout the year.

Movie on the Mile event

Movie on the Mile event

5.  What services can you offer to area businesses? 
GMA helps to provide low cost, civic-minded events for businesses and residents! It helps to promote businesses on the Golden Mile through the website and social media and support collaborative and connective marketing opportunities! The Golden Mile Alliance is ripe and ready with business opportunities galore!