Holiday Shopping in Frederick: for the Pet-Lover

Have a furry, feathered, or scaled friend on your holiday shopping list? We asked five of Frederick's animal-loving businessmen for some advice to get you started!



Holiday Hint from...

Rick's Fish and Pet Supply


For your pet? A larger aquarium or a larger cage. Larger is always better!



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WildBirds Unlimited


A bird feeder makes a great gift! For someone that loves animals, a feeder will bring birds to their yard for them to enjoy year round. 



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Central Dawgma


Look for treats and toys that are sourced and made in the U.S.A. for greater confidence of a safe, clean product. When it comes to gift-giving, it's also always wise to be aware of an animal's dietary restrictions. Luckily there are many hypoallergenic products available! 


Holiday Hint from...

Paws in the City


With the winter months approaching, gear to help prepare pets for the colder weather is certainly a good idea! A nice, warm coat to help protect a four-legged friend would certainly be appreciated.


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Fintastic Aquariums


When it comes to a specialty hobbies like salt-water fish, sometimes it is difficult to anticipate the particular item that would make the best present for a friend. A gift card is always a safe bet!



The above list is just a few ideas from just a few of Frederick's pet-store retailers to help you get started on your shopping brainstorming! We hope you choose to take advantage of the many wonderful local options this coming holiday season! 





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