Iconic Opportunities on the Market

Known for its illustrious past and optimistic future, Frederick has become an inviting marketplace for adaptive reuse projects.

Already, entrepreneurs across the city are successfully reimagining old buildings for new, creative purposes. Now, two of Frederick's most iconic structures are available for purchase. Consider the stories that already lie behind the walls of these stately buildings -- Will you be the one to imagine their next chapter? 


Square Corner Building: Citizens National Bank

Established 1908 

Lining the South East quarter of Frederick's "Square Corner," the Citizen's National Bank building has been an architectural symbol of Frederick since the turn of the 20th century. Just over 6,000 square ft., its distinguished white concord granite and Tuscan columns define the building's exterior and make it unmistakably recognizable. 

Although traditionally remembered as a bank, the building's flexible Downtown Zoning and high foot-traffic location would accommodate a wide range of future uses. 

The building is currently listed with MacRo Commercial Read Estate. 


Prospect Hall

Established 1810 


Sitting on the highest point in Frederick, this building was constructed by Frederick's founding father, Daniel Delaney, in 1810. The prominent residency received many historic visitors, including George Washington and Harriet Tubman. 

Following its use as a private mansion, the structure was converted for use by St. John's Catholic Prep. When the school relocated to Buckeystown, the property was subsequently subdivided and a portion of the original parcel was developed into a luxury apartment community.

The 16,000 square foot mansion is currently on the market with the Hogan Companies and offers many potential uses. Located at the intersection of Butterfly Land and Jefferson Pike, the property offers easy access to the interstates and is adjacent the 135-acre land plot designated to be developed into Frederick's planned Westside Regional Park