Partner Spotlight: SMART PROC

This month, our Partner Spotlight highlights SmartProc. SmartProc - a 501c3, is an initiative to connect government, academia and industry in order to promote collaboration in innovative technology.

SMART PROC is a 2-day conference that focuses not only on helping small businesses understand how to do business with the government, but connecting small business and academia with program offices detailing future defense, medical R&D, healthcare and cyber/IT priorities.
— Debbie Burrell, SMART PROC Chair & President

“SMART PROC is a tremendous networking opportunity for local businesses to connect with government, academia and others in the industry. It’s also a great source of valuable information about federal procurement from some of the most respected names in the federal space.”
— James H. Bratten, EZGovOpps

Can you share the mission of SmartPROC?

SMART PROC GOVCON was designed as a low-cost, no-barrier option for small business to interact with government, industry and academia. Conferences can sometimes seem repetitive, intimidating, or even less educational/informative than hoped. Our mission was to change that. We want small businesses to be getting accurate, up-to-date information and education that can truly benefit the organizations and lead to successful partnerships.

What are your top priorities?

Attracting Federal Research and Development funding for the Mid-Atlantic Region technical community is our top priority.  

Frederick County has exceptional talent that we see not only out of Fort Detrick and Leidos Biomedical, but also in our start-ups and existing companies that are paving the way for the future in technology. Introducing, supporting and connecting those areas of expertise will always remain a priority so we can attract, retain and expand those industries within our own community.


How did the organization get started? Tell us some history about your organization.

Strengthening the Mid-Atlantic Region for Tomorrow (SMART) is a 501(c)(3) that was started as an initiative from the SMART Congressional Caucus to connect government, academia and industry to promote collaboration in innovative technology. It focuses on the integration of regional Science and Technology initiatives including events, meetings and projects involving Bi-Partisan Congressional Delegation of DE, MD, NJ & PA, Federal Agencies, and States’ Executive & Legislative branches, This conference has grown to represent the key federal industries in the Mid-Atlantic.

“Best conference I’ve attended in 15+ years of DoD business development! Well-orchestrated with a packed agenda, but structured to provide industry with unfettered access to government acquisition and program principals in a smaller, less formal setting than we usually experience. I think this format is the key to its success - sign me up for next year!”
— Steve Sovaiko, Odyssey Systems

Who should attend the conference?

Last year we began our 2-day format in order enhance the attendee experience and maximize our resources to provide the greatest benefit to small businesses attending.

Any business that is intending to, having difficulty navigating, or interested in increasing knowledge of contracting is strongly encouraged to attend. Additionally, those who contract with Large Prime contractors or Federal agencies should attend as a means to expand their network and gather information on opportunities relevant to their organizational goals.

Day 1 is designated to provide tools for small business growth and development, including proposal writing, avoiding legal pitfalls and identifying contracting opportunities that suit the business. The second day focuses on understanding government requirements and agency contracting. The two days are designed to compliment one another: education, preparation and execution, followed by introducing agencies with opportunities.

SMART PROC is an excellent, cost-effective, and convenient venue for local small businesses with unique needs and limited resources. Many similar conferences are very expensive and require long-distance travel and significant time commitments. This smaller event has a more personal tone that evokes more meaningful connections in an informal environment.
SMART PROC supports our recruitment efforts, linking us with potential candidates. We have also benefitted greatly from the diverse breakout sessions with a variety of relevant topics.
— Luanne Houck, Allied Technologies and Consulting, LLC

Are there any new and exciting events or changes with the organization?

SMART PROC GOVCON is always evolving. We listen to our attendees, panelists and participating organizations on what they think is the most beneficial to small business growth and development. This year, we have expanded agency and large prime contractor participation, as well as introduced new sessions that better represent the Mid-Atlantic Region’s needs.