Partner Spotlight: TransIT Services of Frederick County

This month, our Partner Spotlight highlights the Frederick County TransIT as a resource committed providing quality transportation needs on every level to the residents of Frederick.

We recently spoke with TransIT's Community Relations Manager, Kendall Tiffany and learned helpful information and statistics about the County-wide program.


 What is a brief description of services provided by TransIT?

TransIT provides public transit from 10 connector routes and 7 shuttle routes Monday-Saturday; paratransit, commuter information and employer outreach services for residents and employers throughout Frederick County


Provide a brief description of expanded services geared towards seniors and people with disabilities.

Transit offers three paratransit services for persons with disabilities:

  1. TransIT-plus is our countywide, shared ride, curb-to-curb paratransit service for senior citizens (60+) and persons with disabilities. People with full Medicaid coverage and have approval from the Medical Assistance Transportation Program may use TransIT-plus for their medical appointments. Passenger trips will be coordinated to serve as many individuals as possible and use our vehicles in the most efficient manner.
  2. ADA Paratransit is a component of our TransIT-plus service and available within a 3/4 mile radius of all TransIT's fixed and deviated-fixed Connector and Shuttle bus routes; it is provided only to persons with disabilities that prevent them from using accessible fixed-route transit.
  3. Taxi Access Program (TAP) applies to active TransIT-plus participants who become eligible after 3 months. Residents who live in zip codes 21701, 02 & 03 pay $10 a month to receive $60 in cab fare. Residents in 21704 and other Frederick County zip codes pay $20 a month to receive $120 in cab fare.
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What other services do you offer for commuters besides basic public transit?

  • Connection to MARC trains at Frederick, Monocacy and Point of Rock stations
  • Meet-the-MARC shuttles connect residents in Walkersville and areas near Point of Rocks to each station
  • Commuter Bus Service #505 assists Meyersville residents to Shady Grove and Montgomery County
  • Commuter Bus Service #515 serves Downtown Frederick, Monocacy Station, Urbana Park & Ride lot to Shady Grove and Montgomery County
  • Commuter Bus Service #204 serves Monocacy Station to College Park and Prince George's County
  • Free Carpool and Vanpool matching services
  • Guaranteed Ride Home
  • Employer Outreach services to Frederick County Employees
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What are reasons someone should consider utilizing TransIT in Frederick?

Residents and visitors should consider utilizing TransIT as a way to get around as it is cost effective rather than paying for a car, insurance, fuel & parking. TransIT is more environmentally friendly versus driving alone. Studies show people that use public transit as a way to commute are overall more satisfied and healthier than those who commute alone sitting in traffic. TransIT helps reduce congestion on major roads throughout Frederick.


Can you provide statistics and facts about ridership?

  1. Most riders use TransIT to get to and from work and medical appointments.
  2. Our customers rate TransIT high in satisfaction of service and safety when surveyed
  3. Ridership has increased over the last year for shuttle routes in more rural areas - Emmitsburg, Thurmont, Brunswick and Jefferson into Frederick.

Contact TransIT

TransIT - 1040 Rocky Springs Road, Frederick, MD 21702