A Man on the Move: Dr. Josh Funk

Dr. Josh Funk

Owner of Rehab 2 Perform 

Age 32 

Recognizing an opportunity for a new style of physical therapy, Dr. Josh Funk - a former DI athlete - established Rehab 2 Perform in 2014. His model offers rehabilitative and preventative services primarily targeted towards active adults and competitive athletes, but with a unique emphasis on the 'physical' part of therapy. 

By 2016, the practice had already outgrown its original space. With 14 employees now on staff, Rehab 2 Perform operates at two locations - in Frederick and Germantown, and recently was contracted to provide on-campus athletic training for St. John's Catholic Prep. In the month of May alone, the practice will see 1600 sessions. 

Here's what Josh had to say looking back at his journey so far:


The Hardest Part

I studied Physical Therapy; I didn’t go to school for business. I could know what it was like to offer a superior service, environment & culture --but there is more than that involved in running a business. You don’t necessarily recognize all the intricacies of how a service gets presented or what other work goes on behind the scenes.  

But the more you ask for help, the more you get pointed in the right direction. With guidance and real experience, I've built confidence on that 'business' side of the business.


The Easiest Part

Selling our people and selling what we do. We have great people that really care. They know how to present themselves and are very aware of the impact they can make.

We do physical therapy very differently here. There's a lot more emphasis on the 'physical' aspect of physical therapy. Just looking around you'll notice this isn't your typical PT facility with tons of treatment tables on top of each other. People walk in here and ask "Am I in the right place?" Trust me, you're in the right place.


Building a Support System


Family. Support systems always start with your family. When I look at this place, I see walls painted by family and friends. Painting with me? Helping me move equipment in? Talk about support. Family and friends lay a base.

On top of that, I found mentors -- business owners that are already successful and working towards similar goals. In the beginning days, when you’re struggling with it, you ask yourself, ‘Who’s doing a really good job?’ and you reach out to those people. You’ll find some people are very willing to be open books with you. For me, Danny Farrar and Dave Posin of SoldierFit were instrumental in helping me accomplish what I’m doing now.  


Next Up?

We recently entered a partnership with St. John’s Catholic Prep to provide athletic training at the school. I want to make sure that one is a home-run: To make sure the kids and the parents at that school are very well served.

This is a brand new arrangement for us. We'll have an athletic trainer at the school; we'll be teaching classes and pushing out preventative information. We have the opportunity to greatly influence the physical culture of the school. 



Be quicker to admit you need help. The quicker you are to admit you need help, the quicker you’ll come to an answer. People around you will either have the answer or guide you to those answers.