Monocacy Boulevard Update

Phase II of the City's Monocacy Boulevard road improvement project is currently underway. 

Planned for a decade, this major arterial road project will improve traffic circulation and alleviate local congestion on the U.S. highway and interstate system. The new road and bridge will accommodate four lanes of traffic, taking a straighter, safer path connecting I-70, Frederick’s downtown, and northeast side. The resulting road will allow improved transit and pedestrian access between the job center at Riverside to Downtown and places beyond. The roadway is currently scheduled to be opened for use by Spring of 2019. 

In the video below, Mayor Michael O'Connor & Public Information Officer - Patti Mullins sit with the City's Director of Public Works - Zach Kershner & Deputy Director of Engineering - Tracy Coleman to discuss the latest updates on the multi-year, multi-phase, and multi-million dollar project.