Major Manufacturing Expansions in the City of Frederick

Maryland’s 3,900 manufacturing businesses generate $23.41 billion in gross state product according to the Department of Commerce. Frederick County is home to over 70 manufacturers providing over 2300 jobs (ESRI). Manufacturing plays a pivotal role in the City of Frederick - serving as a critical economic driver and facilitating a strong local job base. This year has been a particularly exciting for the local industry with expansions at three of the City’s major manufacturing facilities.

Below we take a quick look at the impressive recent growth at Dairy Maid Dairy, STULZ Air Technology Systems, and EDCO (Equipment Development Company).

Dairy Maid Dairy

The iconic downtown company Dairy Maid Dairy, founded in 1946 — and with roots tracing back to the 1800’s — processes, packages, and distributes milk and fruit juices at their East Street facility.

This June, Dairy Maid Dairy celebrated the completion of a $15.5 million dollar expansion that added approximately 22,000 SF and 30 jobs, while nearly doubling the facility’s processing abilities. The expansion also introduced new levels of automation to the plant intended to improve both efficiency and working conditions, and positioning the company to remain competitive in the evolving industry. Dairy Maid Dairy now employs over 150 workers and can handle up to 50 million gallons of milk annually.

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STULZ Air Technology Systems is a leading manufacturing of environmental control equipment globally. Located in the City of Frederick, the facility is responsible for product development, manufacturing, and distribution for the North American arm of the international STULZ Group. The Frederick STULZ’s location recently added 20,000 square feet for manufacturing & finishing — for a total of 218,000 square feet of space in the City.

STULZ certified as an eligible employer for the More Jobs for Marylander’s program and Job Creation Tax Credit for creating a projected 50 total new jobs through 2018 and 2019. The company has acquired 30 growth hires already since June. The company has also initiated a new apprenticeship program with Frederick Community College.

In addition to the expansion, the company continues to focus on energy sustainability. Andy Tuthill, Vice President, Manufacturing shared that over the past 12 months, the company added solar panels to its main facility generating 20% of its total electrical usage.



Equipment Development Company (EDCO), a family-owned business, manufactures a unique brand lines of small construction equipment, right here in Frederick. Their products -- including surface preparation, floor grinding, removal, and professional sawing – are sold across North America and around the world.

EDCO recently expanded its operations by leasing an additional 29,280 square feet of space within 8430 Spires Way. EDCO’s custom fabrication division occupies the new facility at Riverside Research Park.