Wilcoxon Targets Fall Opening in Frederick

Earlier this year, Wilcoxon Sensing Technologies – a leading producer of vibration monitoring solutions for over 55 years – signed a 42,000 SF lease with St. John’s Properties at 8435 Progress Drive and announced plans to relocate operations to the City of Frederick. Bringing approximately 100 employees to Frederick, the company is now targeting an early October opening for the new facility.


The new facility will strengthen the company’s capacity to continue to manufacture valuable vibration monitoring products, and meet key business and operational objectives. This facility will house a variety of modern manufacturing, assembly and test equipment ranging from precision machinery for high-quality vibration sensor components to custom-built machinery specifically designed for accelerometer fabrication.

As a leading provider of vibration monitoring solutions, the company relies on a wide range of expertise and technical experience from its employees, and accordingly was attracted to the talent available in the City of Frederick.   


“As the second largest city in Maryland [Frederick] offers us a strong employee base for both skilled labor and professional staff. Additional bonuses were the manufacturing-friendly taxes and simplified permitting process that exists in both [City & County] jurisdictions,” explained Dr. Christopher McLean, President and General Manager of Wilcoxon Sensing Technologies.

The company has been received with enthusiasm by local officials and economic development teams. “Frederick has become a top tech destination for companies like Wilcoxon which need inspiring spaces, talented workforce, housing options, and high quality corporate environments like Riverside Research Park,” stated Richard Griffin, Director of Economic Development for the City of Frederick. “We welcome the leadership and staff of Wilcoxon/Amphenol to Frederick and look forward to a long prosperous working relationship.”