Public Invited to Review Draft of 10 Year Strategic Plan for City

On July 16, during an open house style event, the public is invited to review and comment on the draft 2030 Strategic Plan that has evolved based on community comments, and collaboration among City staff and Mayor Michael O’Connor.

On July 16, from 12 to 8 p.m., the draft objectives and action items will be on display at the Municipal Annex. Chief Administrative Officer Marc DeOcampo and other staff will be present to receive comments and answer questions throughout the day and evening July 16. Comment cards will be available, and the public may also email comments to the Mayor’s Office:

During an intensive one-day retreat on May 20, City Department directors, managers, and Mayor Michael O’Connor collaborated to assign the hundreds of unique action items that the community and staff had identified earlier this year as critical to carrying out strategic goals and objectives laid out in the Strategic Plan.

Nearly 200 unique action items were identified as essential previously by the public, who engaged in the planning process during workshops, in questionnaires and in submitted comments.

The May 20 retreat afforded key City staff the opportunity to make sure the items are assigned to the appropriate strategic goals and to establish collaborative opportunities for the implementation of those action items across departmental lines.

A final working draft of the 2030 Strategic Plan’s Mission, Vision Statement and Goals that will guide The City of Frederick the next 10 years will be presented for public consideration and review by the Board of Aldermen later in July.

In conjunction with staff and the community, Mayor Michael O’Connor has been developing the mission, vision and goals, following a thorough evaluation of public comments made during events and submitted online.

“In five public engagement events and from online comments, several commonalities became clear,” said DeOcampo, lead staff on the project.

The Strategic Plan is projected to be approved by late-summer. It will be a strategy for driving future improvements to the City over the next 10 years. The plan will be used to guide budgeting, set priorities for City government, and assign actions to specific City departments.

“When we started this process, I said the plan would only be meaningful if it reflected public priorities, and we are keeping to that promise,” O’Connor said.

To stay informed and offer ideas, check the City website and sign up for announcements.

For additional information, contact Marc DeOcampo at 301-600-1184.