Public Comment on Strategic Plan Welcome

All are invited to comment on the draft Strategic Plan 2030, the vision, goals, objectives and action items it contains.

The draft Strategic Plan has evolved based on input from the community and collaboration among City staff and the Mayor. The Strategic Plan will guide improvements to the City over the next 10 years. It will be used to direct budgeting, set priorities for City government, and assign actions to specific City departments.

Read the Draft Strategic Plan here


Send your comments to the Mayor’s office:

“We are preparing a plan guided by what we’ve heard from the community are their highest priorities,” O’Connor said.

A final working draft of the Strategic Plan 2030 will be presented for public consideration and review by the Board of Aldermen. The final plan will be adopted by the Board of Aldermen.

To stay informed, check the City website and sign up for announcements.

For additional information, contact Marc DeOcampo at 301-600-1184.