This Week on Carroll Creek: August 15

Phase two work continues along Carroll Creek between the Delaplaine Visual Arts Education Center and S. East Street. 

The photographs show the construction progress that will support new park amenities such as a shared use path and fountains. 

Fountain Construction - A prominent structure in most of the images shows the construction of what is called "Galleria Fountain." One of the unique aspects of this fountain is that it will have 70 nozzles that will spray water, providing a one-of-a-kind water feature in this area. 

August 14, 2014
Artist interpretation of phase two of Carroll Creek.  This drawing is conceptual only, and does not represent the actual plans that will be built, however it does illustrate how phase two will activate more areas along the creek and tie into the existing park. 
August 14, 2014
August 14, 2014
Outside of the construction trailer, samples of the finishes that will be used in the complete project are displayed. August 14, 2014
August 14, 2014 

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About the Next Phase of Carroll Creek Park
This next phase of park improvements will include new and widened multi-use paths, landscape planters, lighting, water features and crosswalk improvements. The work will occur primarily between Bentz and S. Market Street and between the Delaplaine Arts Center and East Patrick Street. More than $100M in new and renovated private construction is planned along the new park/path sections which will eventually result in hundreds of new jobs and increased state and local tax revenue.