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Golden Mile Business Facades Shine a Little Brighter

In collaboration with The City of Frederick, Golden Mile Alliance, and Maryland Department of Housing and Community Development (DHCD), three businesses along the Golden Mile received facade improvement grants to enhance the image and improve the economic vitality of the corridor.

The City of Frederick received $100,000 from the Maryland Department of Housing and Community Development to support an expanded facade improvement program along the Patrick Street corridor.  The corridor encompasses businesses within the Golden Mile, Downtown Frederick, and East Frederick.

The Golden Mile Alliance Design Committee approved facade improvement grants for Casa Rico, Petersen's Carpet & Flooring and Vista Shops at Golden Mile. 

The facade improvement program will continue in 2016 as The City of Frederick was recently awarded funding for FY2016 by DHCD.  Additional communication, including a call for applications will be provided once funding is made available.

For additional information on the Golden Mile facade improvement program, visit the Golden Mile Alliance website.

Casa Rico
Before                 After  
Repair included a new sign, fresh paint for exterior including the roof and gutter replacement.

Petersen's Carpet
Before             After
Improvements included new stairs and railings, lighting, planter boxes, window casings and a vestibule entrance.

 Before             After
Improvements included fresh paint,graffiti removal, and new paint color.

5 Benefits of Frederick's New Manufacturing Tax Credit

A Program Overview

The Mayor and Board of Aldermen established a new tax credit program targeted at Frederick manufacturers looking to make a substantial investment in their facility and workforce.  The ordinance was approved on August 20, 2015 and created a 10-year tax credit against the increased assessed taxable value of a manufacturing facility.  Frederick County approved a similar program on September 1, 2015.

"The tax credit will increase Frederick's competitiveness and is intended to attract new capital investment and job creation," said Richard Griffin, The City of Frederick's Director of Economic Development. Specifically, the credit assists the City in its ability to attract and retain advanced technology and manufacturing businesses, a targeted industry for the City of Frederick.

Manufacturing is especially important to Frederick's economic vitality.  Unlike many professional services businesses where workers can be located almost anywhere, manufacturers make significant capital investments in their site and rely on the local workforce to operate the facility. In addition to hiring from the community, manufacturers often create indirect jobs through related supply chain opportunities and partnerships.

In order to qualify for the credit, a manufacturer must 
  1. Increase the value of their facility by at least $100,000 (as a result of the expansion project), and 
  2. Add at least 3 net new jobs at the facility.  
Depending on the value of the new investment and the number of new jobs created with the project, the 10-year tax credit increases on a sliding scale from 20% to 100% (outlined below).  

While businesses will receive tax relief on the portion of their tax bill related to the expansion project, businesses will continue to pay property taxes on the the portion of the site not related to the expansion.

How it Works
  • A manufacturer plans to either acquire a new site or expand its current site with a new building or an addition to a current building.
  • The business constructs the updated facility and hires new employees.
  • Following completion of the project, the State Tax Assessor reassess the property and determines the dollar figure of the new assessment that can be attributed directly to the expansion project.
  • The business will now apply for the tax credit and will receive the credit on the number that was determined by the State. The business continues to pay its normal property taxes on the value of the property not related to the expansion.

5 Benefits of the Manufacturing Tax Credit
  1. It increases jobs. The tax credit encourages job creation as the program requires a business to not only make a capital investment in their facility, but to add net new jobs at a minimum of 150% of the federal minimum wage.  Manufacturing jobs provide family supporting wages and are vital to Frederick's economy.
  2. It encourages investment and reinvestment. Businesses will not be penalized with a higher property tax bill for investing in their facility and hiring new workers.  The tax credit gradually phases the increased taxable value of the building over a 10-year period.
  3. It gives Frederick a regional competitive advantage. In conjunction with a 100% tax credit for manufacturers acquiring new personal property, the tax credit program is another tool the City can utilize to market its business cost advantage to manufacturers considering a location in the region.
  4. It attracts new business. When a businesses is looking to open or relocate a business, every expense matters. This can tilt the scale between Frederick and another jurisdiction. 
  5. It helps small businesses. 95% of all businesses in Frederick are small businesses. The tax credit program doesn't just assist large corporations. It also assists small and locally owned manufacturers looking to expand or locate within the City of Frederick.
To find out more about the Manufacturing Tax Credit, contact The City of Frederick's Department of Economic Development

Video Debut: "Work Where There's Room to Play" - Frederick, Maryland

The City of Frederick's new three minute film, "Work Where There's Room to Play," showcases the benefits of working in Frederick, Maryland. From thriving Downtown Frederick to outdoor activities, the film highlights the opportunities of life outside of work.The three minute film debuted on Friday, August 21, 2015 at Downtown Frederick Partnership's "Movie Night on the Creek" event. 

The project was developed after Tech Frederick, a Frederick area non-profit that advocates for the local IT industry, indicated recruiting top talent to Frederick was a priority. While the film was developed with IT professionals in mind, any Frederick area business can use it in coordination with their recruitment efforts. 

"There are many advantages to working in Frederick," said Richard Griffin, Director of Economic Development for The City of Frederick. "This three-minute video features Frederick's great downtown, the arts, amenities, and quality of life we all know and love. It shows that Frederick offers a great place to play when people get off of work." 

Local talent featured in the film included narrator, Ashley Miles, local musician and Frederick resident; Jeanne and Eric Rhodes, Frederick residents; Steve Ellis, recruiter for local software development company Regent; and Justin Saltzman, insurance agent and community volunteer. They volunteered their time to appear in the film.

Local company Digital Bard produced the film with additional film footage courtesy of Visit Frederick, Downtown Frederick Partnership, and drone footage by Mike Purks. 

3 Ways Businesses Can Use This Video
Businesses can use this video in three ways to support their recruitment efforts: 
  1. Share it. The easiest way to use this video immediately is to share it on your website's employment or recruitment page. Use this to link to the video: can also share the video via Facebook
  2. Make it Yours. Customize the existing video with your company's message or branding at the beginning and end of the video. Contact the production company, Digital Bard, to discuss this option.
  3. Be Inspired. Use this as inspiration to develop your own recruitment video to meet your individual hiring needs. 

City of Frederick Represented at Maryland Municipal League Annual Convention

Donna Goff from The City of Frederick's Department of Economic Development
greeting visitors to the Frederick booth at MML.

For the 10th year, The City of Frederick is well represented during the MML Annual Convention. Along with hundreds of other Maryland city and town officials who gather at the Maryland Municipal League’s annual convention, Frederick's Mayor, Aldermen and City staff attend to learn about and discuss municipal issues and to network with fellow city and town officials. 

During the convention, exhibitors display a wide array of products and services including wireless technology, engineering, GIS systems, financial services, insurance, lighting, ordinance codification, recreation and parks equipment, water and wastewater supplies, consultants, and public works equipment and vehicles.

The convention is also a great opportunity for other city and town representatives to visit the City of Frederick booth and find out all the fantastic events and attractions throughout the City and County. As well, we take information about projects such as the Downtown Hotel, Carroll Creek Park and the Golden Mile to share with other municipalities in the event they have similar projects and issues.

5 Benefits of Eliminating the Business Personal Property Tax

City of Frederick Passes Legislation to Eliminate Business Personal Property Tax

UPDATE: The Mayor and Board of Aldermen voted on Thursday, April 16, 2015 to eliminate Business Personal Property Tax with an immediate exemption for new manufacturing investment and a phase-out approach for all businesses over a 10-year period. 

First, A Little History
Personal property tax dates to Colonial America and was levied on individuals. Imagine a tax assessor showing up at your home annually to review your personal belongings such as rings and jewelry, furniture, household goods, paintings, and silverware. These items are known as tangible personal propertyAccording to the Tax Foundation, "tangible personal property (TPP) is property that can be touched and moved, such as equipment, furniture, and other possessions." 

Today, no tax collector rummages through our homes to assess the value of our possessions for tax collection purposes. However, in many areas, this tax is assessed on businesses. 

"Because most states have exempted personal property used for personal reasons, most citizens are not aware that the tax on personal property exists. TPP tax is invisible to most individuals, although it is a significant expense for businesses," states a report issued by the Tax Foundation

Taxing businesses on personal property has remained in many jurisdictions, including the City of Frederick, but a proposed change is under way. 

What is the Current Situation of This Tax in The City of Frederick?
Frederick County as a whole does not have a Business Personal Property Tax, but municipalities can assess this tax.  The City of Frederick currently is one of the jurisdictions within Frederick County that does. Only a handful of companies pay the majority of this tax. 

What is Being Proposed? 
The City's Economic Development Advisory Council (EDAC) has recommended a fiscally sound phase-out of this tax, and City officials agree. According to the Tax Foundation, the elimination of business personal property tax improves the business competitiveness of a jurisdiction and encourages reinvestment in a business.  

"The types of businesses that are hardest hit by this tax are also the same businesses that provide family-supporting jobs in Frederick," said Bobby Baumler, Economic Development Manager for The City of Frederick. "We want to attract and retain these companies and their jobs in our community."

The proposed ordinance would:
  1. Exempt manufacturers (as a business category) from paying business personal property tax on NEW investments.  The tax credit only applies to manufacturers that are expanding or locating to the City. All business personal property, including items such as computers, printers, shelving, etc., would be eligible for the tax credit.
  2. Implement a 10-year phase out of all business personal property tax. This includes both manufacturing personal property (currently 77.5% exempt) and non-manufacturing personal property (currently 62.5% exempt).  This portion will be achieved by gradually raising each exemption percentage until at the end of year 10 (and moving forward), the exemption percentage is 100%. The proposed ordinance does not exempt utilities or railroads.
According to the Tax Foundation, "Localities that choose to exempt the TPP base, even in part, have an advantage over neighbors with regard to the location of business personal property due to their lower tax costs." With a phase-out approach over 10 years, the increased real property, new investment, and new development generated is expected to replace the revenue stream that this tax historically provided the City. 

"Businesses can choose to locate, relocate, or expand in a number of jurisdictions in the region," said Bobby Baumler, Economic Development Manager for The City of Frederick. "There are many reasons to choose Frederick, and eliminating this tax gives them one more." 

5 Benefits of Eliminating the Business Personal Property Tax
  1. It levels the playing field. Elimination of the tax places The City of Frederick on a level playing field with Frederick County and regional jurisdictions with lower overall business costs. 
  2. It encourages investment and reinvestment. Businesses won't be penalized for reinvesting in aging infrastructure such as manufacturing equipment.
  3. It gives Frederick a regional competitive advantage. Many nearby jurisdictions still assess this tax on businesses. This change allows both the City and County to market this advantage to businesses looking to locate or expand in the Frederick region.
  4. It attracts new business. When a businesses is looking to open or relocate a business, every expense matters. This can tilt the scale between Frederick and another jurisdiction. 
  5. It helps small businesses. 95% of all businesses in Frederick are small businesses. The plan to eliminate this tax doesn't just assist large corporations. It also assists small, locally-owned restaurants, retailers, and business owners that have invested in equipment, shelving, and fixtures. 
For more information about business in Frederick, visit

Originally posted April 15, 2015 by Michelle Kershner

This Week on Carroll Creek: March 18, 2015

The snow is melting, revealing the progress on Carroll Creek Park.  With warmer weather ahead, work will continue to build the shared use paths and Phase II improvements. These images show recent work and progress along the creek.  

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About the Next Phase of Carroll Creek Park

This next phase of park improvements will include new and widened multi-use paths, landscape planters, lighting, water features and crosswalk improvements. The work will occur primarily between Bentz and S. Market Street and between the Delaplaine Arts Center and East Patrick Street. More than $100M in new and renovated private construction is planned along the new park/path sections which will eventually result in hundreds of new jobs and increased state and local tax revenue. 

City of Frederick Day 2015 Showcases Frederick Projects

View all photos from this year's City of Frederick Day in Annapolis:

Thursday, March 12, 2015 marked City of Frederick Day in Annapolis. Each year, the City of Frederick and its partners update legislators and state leaders on City projects and reports on the key infrastructure and growth projects underway. 

"This provides a unique opportunity for Frederick to really showcase our community and the projects that are moving Frederick forward," said Richard Griffin, Director of Economic Development for the City of Frederick. The Department of Economic Development coordinates with the Mayor's office and city departments each year to plan the event.

The attendance for 2015 was strong, with representation from state delegates, senators, legislative aides, and cabinet secretaries. This year, the event had a visit from
Congressman John K. Delaney (MD-6), who was in Annapolis that day. He addressed the group and emphasized the importance of the proposed new hotel and conference center in Downtown Frederick.
Projects highlighted at City of Frederick Day 2015 included the Downtown Hotel and Conference Center / Parking Deck 6, Weinberg Center for the Arts HVAC Replacement, Frederick Municipal Airport expansion, Monocacy Boulevard/US 15 Interchange, Culler Lake Renaissance in Baker Park, Waste Water Treatment Plant Upgrades, and Carroll Creek Park Phase II. To learn more about these projects, visit

This event was made possible by a number of sponsors and partners, including The Frederick County Chamber of Commerce, the Tourism Council of Frederick County, Leidos Biomedical Research, Inc., Fort Detrick Alliance, Frederick County Office of Economic Development, The Golden Mile Alliance, Tech Frederick, and Downtown Frederick Partnership.  

Gift bags were provided to elected officials thanks to support from McCutcheon's and The Perfect Truffle. 

View the photo album with photo highlights from this year's City of Frederick Day in Annapolis:
Thank you to our 2015 City of Frederick Day Sponsors

City of Frederick Day in Annapolis Highlights Priority Projects

Thursday, March 12, 2015 is City of Frederick Day in Annapolis. Each year, the City of Frederick updates legislators and state leaders on select City projects and reports on the key infrastructure and growth projects underway.

Below are the projects that will be highlighted at this year's City of Frederick Day in Annapolis.

Together We Can Grow Frederick’s Future
Building a Stronger and Safer Maryland

Downtown Hotel and Conference Center / Parking Deck 6

The City of Frederick is partnering with a hotel developer, selected through a competitive RFP process, to construct a privately owned and operated $64M full-service hotel and conference center in Downtown Frederick. The public on-site improvements, including public parking, will cost approximately $20M. This is the top priority of the Frederick County Chamber of Commerce’s Major Employers Group, and projected to offer many benefits, including:
  • 207 rooms with 24,000 square feet of meeting space
  • Public Parking Garages: 750 spaces (100 on-site/650 off-site)
  • 280 total jobs
  • $1.5M annually in State taxes
  • $25.8M in direct, indirect, and induced spending

Weinberg Center for the Arts HVAC Replacement

The Weinberg Center for the Arts is a 1,100 seat historic performing arts theater that generates 70,000 patrons and $7M in economic impact annually. The facility is in need of a HVAC replacement to continue providing programming throughout the year. After analysis by a HVAC engineering company, full replacement was recommended. The new system will provide:
  • Operational and maintenance savings in the future
  • Control of separate areas of the theater
  • Efficient and environmentally-friendly design

Frederick Municipal Airport
Increasing Airport Safety and Capacity

Frederick Municipal Airport (FDK) is the second busiest airport in Maryland and well positioned to become the preferred executive airport in the region. It is seeking funding to support Phase I of a multi-year project to improve airport safety and capacity. 

This phase will include:
  • Design and demolition of aviation obstructions along Bailes Lane, etc.
  • Washington gas line relocation
  • The project will ultimately result in added capacity with corporate hangar space and extend the runway.

Monocacy Boulevard/US15 Interchange Improves Safety and Relieves Congestion
The #1 Infrastructure Priority for Frederick City and County for over 5 years

The Monocacy Boulevard and US15 Interchange will provide a full-diamond interchange, improving safety by eliminating at-grade intersections on US15. Design is complete, and construction is scheduled to begin in 2015.  The project provides:
  • Congestion relief from pass through traffic, local development, and Fort Detrick growth
  • Hiking and biking tails, sidewalks, on-street bike lanes, lighting, landscaping, and pedestrian accommodations
  • Park and Ride with 390 spaces connects to future Rails With Trails
  • This improvement complements other road improvements, such as Monocacy Boulevard Center Section Phase II, which will add 14,000 linear feet of a 4-lane roadway, alleviate congestion, create safe routes for emergency access during flood events, and add hiking/biking trails, sidewalks, and trees

Culler Lake Renaissance in Baker Park
Restoring water quality and aesthetic character

Culler Lake, in the heart of Baker Park, was established 90 years ago. Today, the park is in need of restoration to improve water quality and the aesthetic character of the lake. In partnership with Friends of Baker Park, a two-phased plan is in place to address the restoration. The project will:
  • Dredge and restore Culler Lake (Phase I)
  • Install wetlands and stormwater infrastructure to treat approximately 60 acres of untreated impervious area (Phase I)
  • Add new shared use paths and fountains (Phase I)
  • Add a pavilion and overlook, additional paths, benches, signage, pedestrian crossing and entrance features, and skate house improvements (Phase II)

Cleaner Water Starts Here: Waste Water Treatment Plant Upgrades
Phase II Brings Enhanced Nutrient Removal (ENR) Upgrade

Phase I Upgrades— Complete
Frederick is in the Chesapeake Bay Watershed, and our waterways impact the bay’s health and local sustainability. Phase I upgrades to the city’s Wastewater Treatment Plant (WWTP) have:
  • Improved solids digestion component of the plant
  • Enabled the harvesting of methane gas while virtually eliminating reliance on landfill for waste sludge
  • Reduced the city’s energy costs through co-generating electricity
Phase II Upgrades—In Progress
Phase II of the project brings an enhanced nutrient removal (ENR) upgrade to the system. Already designed, construction is expected to start in March 2015 with completion in December 2016. These upgrades:
  • Bring the waste water treatment plant into compliance with recent EPA mandates for ENR
  • Will reduce nitrogen and phosphorus discharges to the Chesapeake Bay and tributaries

Carroll Creek Park Phase II Completion on Target for Fall 2015
A thriving world-class, mixed use urban park in Downtown Frederick

This public-private partnership has spanned six administrations. Carroll Creek Park, as a  flood control project, effectively removed Downtown Frederick from the 100-year
floodplain and restored economic vitality to the historic commercial district.
Today, more than $100 million in private investment is underway or planned in new construction, infill development, or historic renovation along the park. Phase II provides:
  • Extended park improvements totaling $15.7M in construction
  • 1 mile of new and widened multi-use paths
  • Landscape planters, lighting & water features
  • Crosswalk improvements
  • More than $100M in new and renovated private construction is planned along the new park/path sections, which will eventually result in hundreds of new jobs and increased state and local tax revenue

Experience Authentic International Cuisine Along the Golden Mile

Fajita Grande restaurant on the Golden Mile is a local favorite with colorful decorations and daily specials.

Experience Authentic International Cuisine Along the Golden Mile

By Michelle Kershner, City of Frederick Department of Economic Development
Originally printed in the Winter 2015 Frederick County Guide

Stretching towards the mountains, the Golden Mile is a major retail district in Frederick. Representing a portion of the historic National Road, it naturally connects Downtown Frederick with points westward, such as Braddock Heights and Middletown.
Winter 2015 Frederick County Guide
Locals flock to this corridor, also known as Route 40, for retail stores and services. But insiders know that tucked inside the shopping centers, diners can find some of the most delicious and authentic international cuisine in the region.

“Nearly half of all establishments along the Golden Mile are associated with retail trade,” said Economic Development Manager Bobby Baumler.  “Additionally, accommodation and food services represent nearly a third of all employment in this area, a strong indication that people are heading to the Golden Mile to dine.” 

Amid the numerous strip-style shopping centers, standalone specialty stores and authentic international cuisine can be found.  From freshly baked breads and sweets at La Colmenita Bakery to international grocery stores, flavors from across the globe can be found along the Golden Mile. Diners can try Pho TNT’s banh mi, a crusty Vietnamese-style sandwich, Peruvian-style chicken at Sardis Pollo a La Brasa, warm naan bread and butter chicken at Clay Oven, or gyoza and sushi at Roppongi. 

Established in 1987, Casa Rico has been an anchor on the western end of the corridor for decades with gourmet tacos, tequila, and traditional Mexican favorites like chile rellenos. Fajita Grande offers up fresh salsa with their sizzling platters, and Santa Rosa restaurant and Ana's Papuseria serve pupusas, a traditional Salvadoran dish made of thick, handmade corn tortillas.  On select summer nights, a taco truck parks at Dutrow’s Sales & Service at the end of the Golden Mile, and dishes up favorites like tongue tacos and tamales.

The Golden Mile could very well be dubbed the “International Mile” for the corridor’s concentration of global flavors and offerings. 

La Colmenita Bakery is tucked in a
storefront at the Willow Tree Shopping Center
and offers freshly baked breads and sweets.

“The authentic international food scene on The Golden Mile is exploding,” said Justin Kiska, president of the Golden Mile Alliance and owner of Way Off Broadway. “These gems are tucked into traditional shopping centers, and new places are opening all the time. We recently welcomed Modern Asia Bar & Restaurant to our dining scene.”

Traditional favorites also have flourished on the Golden Mile over the years. The Barbara Fritchie Restaurant has been serving home-cooked meals since 1910.  This retro diner features comfort foods and freshly baked desserts.  Nearby, Il Forno Pizzeria has served their famed wood-fired pizza for over 18 years. 

For over six decades, Red Horse Steak House has been considered a family dining tradition for their open-flamed grilled steaks and seafood.   Doc Geiser’s Carryout & Catering is home to Watson’s famous fried chicken, and Mountainview Diner is a local favorite as well. 

“There is this perception that the Golden Mile is mainly a big-box destination, but small and family businesses, like these restaurants, also thrive alongside the larger retailers and chains,” explains Baumler.  

In the City of Frederick, 95% of all businesses are small businesses, and the Golden Mile is no exception.   Thanks to business investment, planning, and community involvement, this traditional retail corridor’s future is bright.  The Golden Mile, along with portions of Downtown Frederick, was recently accepted into Maryland’s Sustainable Communities program, which will open up additional resources. The Golden Mile Alliance, a non-profit organization comprised of business owners, property owners, and residents, also is working to strengthen the thoroughfare. 

The Golden Mile Alliance is reviving Pangaea, a festival celebrating heritage and diversity, with the next celebration slated for Oct. 4, 2015.

“We are looking forward to bringing back this cultural event,” Kiska said, with international cuisine featured prominently.  “Food brings communities together, and it will be a great time to celebrate all that Frederick’s Golden Mile has to offer in this area and others."

To learn more about the Golden Mile and business in Frederick, visit

This Week on Carroll Creek: February 4, 2015

Brick pavers for the Galleria walkways and stone work on the creek walls, continues near the Delaplaine and the "Galleria" Fountain. Where stone work is going on, water levels in the creek have to be lowered to allow workers access - called "dewatering".

As well, heated tents (see pic below) just before East Street are set up for workers to allow stone to be repaired during the cold winter months. The inside temperature must be above 40 degrees as well as all materials. The creek wall improvements to the East of the Delaplaine should be completed mid February, depending on weather.

Poole Landscaping will be starting sod and plantings in mid-to-late March and planned fountains should be finished by the first of April if weather cooperates.

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About the Next Phase of Carroll Creek Park

This next phase of park improvements will include new and widened multi-use paths, landscape planters, lighting, water features and crosswalk improvements. The work will occur primarily between Bentz and S. Market Street and between the Delaplaine Arts Center and East Patrick Street. More than $100M in new and renovated private construction is planned along the new park/path sections which will eventually result in hundreds of new jobs and increased state and local tax revenue.

Nominate YOUR Frederick Business for a 2015 Best Places to Work award!

If you love the Frederick company you work for...
Then tell us!  Your company will have a chance to take home a coveted Best Places to Work award, window cling, and enjoy the fabulous awards ceremony. Share all the great benefits your company offers its employees with the Frederick business community. Great health insurance? Company picnics? Job training? Philanthropic efforts? Service awards? No detail is too small. Let everyone know just how great your company is.

Nominate Your Company
Deadline: March 30 
By completing the nomination form, your Frederick County business will be considered for a "Best Places to Work" award. Only one submission is needed per business. Be sure to answer all the questions to increase your chances of winning, which may require you to coordinate with your CEO or human resources department. 

This is a great opportunity to share your best practices and inspire other organizations. Finalists and winners will be announced and celebrated on July 30, 2015 at the awards ceremony at the Delaplaine in Downtown Frederick.

And just like last year, winners will receive coverage in the August issue of Frederick Magazine. So get those nominations in! Deadline is March 30th.

From 2014 Major Employer co-winner, Experient, "I am proud to accept this award on behalf of all the great employees at Experient who make it one of the Best Places to Work in Frederick County. Winning this award has brought Experient more local press than we've ever had, and that kind of recognition goes a long way toward retention and recruitment."

                  –Shawn Pierce, Division President, Experient Registration & Housing

If you have any questions about the nomination form, program, or awards ceremony, please call us at 301-600-6360 or visit our Best Places to Work page on Facebook

The Best Places to Work awards is brought to you in partnership by The City of Frederick, Department of Economic Development, Frederick County Business Development & Retention Department, Frederick County Workforce Services & The Frederick County Chamber of Commerce.

Downtown Hotel Update - January 30, 2015

Artist's conceptual illustration of the Downtown Frederick Hotel.
Courtesy of Plamondon Hospitality Partners, LLC. 

January 30, 2015

The Downtown Frederick Hotel and Conference Center project took a major step forward today in Annapolis with unanimous approval by the Frederick County State Delegation for a  letter of support to Governor Hogan and a recommendation of $7.5 million in FY16 for public infrastructure associated with the development of the project (parking and associated improvements and land).  

On hand to support the delegation request were Mayor Randy McClement, County Executive Jan Gardner, Chamber President Elizabeth Cromwell, Downtown Partnership Director Kara Norman, Frederick County Policy Director Roger Wilson, and Director of Economic Development Richard Griffin.   

“We are simply delighted to receive unanimous support for this critical project and look forward to working with the developer – Plamondon Hospitality Partners, LLC – to get the project designed, approved, and constructed,” stated Griffin.  He added that “the team will work hard over the next few weeks to secure a commitment from the Hogan administration for the requested investment.”  

The Downtown Hotel Advisory Committee had requested $15 million from the state in two installments of $7.5 million per year in FY16-FY17.  The full-service hotel and conference center is anticipated to be branded as a flagship Marriott hotel with 207 rooms and 24,000 square feet of meeting space.  The facility will be privately owned and operated with no ongoing subsidy from local or state government.

Seeking Marketing and Communications Intern - Spring 2015

The City of Frederick’s Department of Economic Development is seeking a communications and marketing intern.  Primary responsibilities will include writing and developing content for digital outlets (newsletters, blog posts, website, social media, etc.) and print collateral; photography; and updating website or blog posts to support business development activities of the department.  Candidate will also support business recruitment and retention efforts such as attending business visits, events, workshops, and supporting economic development projects. 

Ideal candidate will be have a positive attitude, experience writing digital content, experience with social media for an organization/business/non-profit, and be able to work independently in an office environment. Strong writers of all majors are encouraged to apply. We are seeking a college student that is looking to complete an internship for credit via their college. This is an unpaid internship opportunity. 

As a part of the internship, the student will:
  • Develop a series of blog posts and other content for his/her end of semester portfolio
  • Gain an understanding of local government by attending both staff level and public meetings
  • Work with Frederick’s business community and directly interface with business owners
  • Gain practical experience in marketing and communications
  • Attend business and community networking events and professional development opportunities as schedules permit
Apply: Please email resume and writing samples (links to samples are fine) to Michelle Kershner – Writing samples can include articles, blog posts, websites, promotional materials, or classroom projects. 
Deadline: January 30, 2015

Proposed Downtown Hotel & Conference Center

Do you wonder what the new proposed Downtown Frederick hotel might look like? These artist's renderings of the proposed Downtown Hotel & Conference Center were unveiled at the Tourism Council of Frederick County’s annual fall membership meeting. 

The images were provided by the chosen developer for the project, Plamondon Hospitality Partners. 

Artist's rendering of downtown shopping and restaurants near the proposed hotel