This Week on Carroll Creek: February 4, 2015

Brick pavers for the Galleria walkways and stone work on the creek walls, continues near the Delaplaine and the "Galleria" Fountain. Where stone work is going on, water levels in the creek have to be lowered to allow workers access - called "dewatering".

As well, heated tents (see pic below) just before East Street are set up for workers to allow stone to be repaired during the cold winter months. The inside temperature must be above 40 degrees as well as all materials. The creek wall improvements to the East of the Delaplaine should be completed mid February, depending on weather.

Poole Landscaping will be starting sod and plantings in mid-to-late March and planned fountains should be finished by the first of April if weather cooperates.

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About the Next Phase of Carroll Creek Park

This next phase of park improvements will include new and widened multi-use paths, landscape planters, lighting, water features and crosswalk improvements. The work will occur primarily between Bentz and S. Market Street and between the Delaplaine Arts Center and East Patrick Street. More than $100M in new and renovated private construction is planned along the new park/path sections which will eventually result in hundreds of new jobs and increased state and local tax revenue.