5 Facts About the Frederick Municipal Airport

Credit: Tim Davis, Transportation Planner, City of Frederick

The Frederick Municipal Airport has long been a vital and necessary asset to the community, including the business community.  

Here are 5 facts you may not have known about about our local airport:

  1. Frederick Municipal Airport is the second busiest airport in Maryland after BWI. It is a general aviation reliever airport.
  2. The airport has 110,000 aircraft operations annually.
  3. More than 350 businesses use the airport regularly each year
  4. Frederick Municipal Airport is the preferred corporate executive airport for the Baltimore/Washington region. 
  5. Currently, the MetLife Blimp is at the Frederick Municipal Airport. MetLife Blimps do not have a home base, but they do stay at airports close to the events they are covering. The blimp flies out of Frederick to cover major events, such as sporting events, in Baltimore and DC. 
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