Are small distilleries the next big thing for Frederick?

New code changes could position Frederick to benefit from surge in growing craft spirit industry.

Craft spirits is a $10.2 billion market and growing at a rapid rate. On December 18, 2014, the City of Frederick, Maryland’s Board of Aldermen amended city code to allow small wineries, breweries and distilleries in the downtown area, paving the way for this growing industry to boom locally. This newest legislation expanded the area where these businesses could operate.  

According to the American Craft Spirits Association, there are at least 350 craft distilleries in the United States today – a figure projected to pass 500 in 2015. 

“We have all of the right ingredients for this industry to thrive,” said Economic Development Director for the city, Richard Griffin. “We have a thriving downtown, robust tourism industry, and the county has a concentration of wineries and breweries. More importantly, the codes are now in place to welcome this growing industry to Frederick,” Griffin added.

While many state and local governments across the country have restrictive legislation that limits this type of industry, the recent code change positions Frederick to be at the forefront of this industry’s growth. 

“Frederick is ready to embrace this industry,” said Griffin.  With a variety of available spaces, from flex to historic buildings, there are a number of locations that can accommodate the booming craft distillery, winery, and brewery business.

For information on opening a business in Frederick or for business assistance, contact the City of Frederick’s Department of  Economic Development