$100,000 Awarded to Continue and Expand Façade Improvement Programs

City Receives Community Legacy Grant 
$100,000 Awarded to Continue and Expand Façade Improvement Programs 

Example of a façade improvement through the Downtown Frederick Partnership's program. 

Frederick, MD - December 24, 2014: The City of Frederick Department of Economic Development is pleased to announce that on December 17, 2014, the Department of Housing and Community Development (DHCD) announced that The City of Frederick was awarded $100,000 in Community Legacy Grant funds. The award will be used to continue and expand a façade improvement grant program. DHCD awarded $5.7 million in Community Legacy program grants to 67 projects in 20 counties and Baltimore City. Those grants support total project costs of more than $45.4 million. 

Frederick’s program funds will support the continuation and expansion of a Façade Improvement Matching Grant Program within the Patrick Street Corridor Community. The Frederick Façade Improvement Project will be administered jointly by the City of Frederick’s Department of Economic Development and its partners - the Downtown Frederick Partnership, the Golden Mile Alliance, and the East Frederick Rising. 

Since 2004, the Downtown Frederick Partnership’s Façade improvement program has resulted in more than 80 building improvement projects valued in excess of $520,000 and has induced additional neighborhood investment. 

“Façade rehabilitation serves as a catalyst for area-wide capital investment as we have experienced in Downtown Frederick. Expanding the Façade Program to include the Patrick Street Corridor through East Frederick and the Golden Mile will improve the attractiveness of the gateways and will help spur area-wide revitalization,” said City of Frederick Mayor Randy McClement. 

The program will expand to include areas east and
west of Downtown, including East Frederick and the
Golden Mile neighborhoods.
The Frederick Façade Improvement Program is intended to expand the current Downtown Frederick Façade Improvement Program to include the areas east and west of downtown along the Patrick Street Corridor, including East Frederick and Golden Mile neighborhoods. Of the $100,000 grant award, $53,000 will be allocated to Downtown Frederick, $23,500 to East Frederick, and $23,500 to the Golden Mile. 

The Community Legacy program provides local governments and community development organizations with essential funding and gap financing for important projects that will strengthen local communities, supporting housing and homeownership goals and attracting and retaining businesses. 

The City of Frederick Department of Economic Development strives to increase economic opportunity for Frederick residents through job creation, revitalization and reinvestment. 

Program specific details and how to apply:
For additional information, contact Richard Griffin, Director of Economic Development for the City of Frederick 301-600-6361 or rgriffin@cityoffrederick.com.