A Company's Mission Inspires its Office Design

In The City of Frederick, business spaces go beyond basics. Here, unique offices allow businesses to cultivate creativity, express their company's culture, and create a work environment that inspires.  From industrial to classic, artsy to funky, historic to high tech, spaces abound to meet a variety of needs.  

Inspiring Offices is a feature that highlights some of the creative and unique office spaces in Frederick.

Enjoy a behind-the-scenes peek inside this month's inspiring office in Frederick - Someone With. Paula Jagemann-Bane is the CEO and Founder of Someone With Group. The company began as an online marketplace for breast cancer products, and has expanded its corporate vision of "Innovation for Life" to include membership based financial services for those suffering from a chronic condition. 

The company's mission has inspired its office design. Pink is the classic awareness color for breast cancer, and it can be found infused into all aspects of the office's design. 

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Someone With CEO and Founder Paula Jagermann-Bane answered a few questions about what she loves about her office space.

Why did you choose your current office location and how long has Someone With been located here?

I've always wanted to have space downtown.  My last venture we raised $92M for insisted that to be a “credible” software company, we’d have to headquarter in Northern 
Virginia. NOT THIS TIME! 

Was it “move in” ready or did you have to design/fit it out? 

The space was not ready to move into, but, the second the elevator doors open to hunter green and burgundy swags, I told Joe Donegan, my agent “I’ll take it”.  He was frosted that I 
said that in front of the landlord, and took away his negotiating power, but, the space just spoke to me.  Everyone who comes here loves it, thanks to Rhonda McLaughlin (the designer).

What inspirations did you use to decorate/design the space? 

Since it was so Victorian and heavy, I wanted to lighten up the space, and mainly go with monochrome walls and carpeting and use modern lighten fixtures and eye popping furniture to add New York-style contemporary.  We also have an original Virginia McLaughlin 10-foot mural of our logo, in pinks and purples to reflect the breast cancer portion of our business.  

What are the most unique aspects about your office space? 

From the street level, looking up, we have the two front turrets facing Market Street, best view of the City ANYWHERE.  Shhhh, we also have a deck off the back! 

An Office With A View

"Shhhh, we also have a deck off the back!" said Paula. It offers stunning views of the twin spires and Downtown Frederick. 

"I wanted to lighten up the space, and mainly go with monochrome walls and carpeting and use modern lighten fixtures and eye popping furniture to add New York-style contemporary." 

Even the bathroom pops with pink and bright colors.
This painting symbolizes Paula's philanthropic work with the "Breakfast at Tiffany's" fundraiser that raises money for the Hurwitz Breast Cancer Foundation at Frederick Memorial Hospital.

Walls are personalized with art throughout the space. 

Paula jokes that Bryan Voltaggio watches over her kitchen. His cookbook and bobble head figure are perched on top of the refrigerator in the kitchen area.  
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