City Releases First Comprehensive Retail Report

The City of Frederick recently released "The City of Frederick Retail Report." The report was completed in April 2016 by a retail consultant and is the first comprehensive retail study to be completed by The City. It will assist the Department of Economic Development in identifying best practices and retail brands that are currently missing in Frederick. The report can be used as a valuable tool for both existing retailers in Frederick and for businesses considering the Frederick area.
Retail is an important community attribute for residents, businesses, and visitors alike. Retailers and restaurants contribute to Frederick's quality of life, tax base, and provide employment opportunities for residents. 

"Frederick is home to local and national brands canvassing the entire City, from the western edge of the Golden Mile, through Historic Downtown Frederick, and along the East Street Corridor," said Richard Griffin, Director of Economic Development for The City of Frederick.

Despite a strong existing demand for retail and restaurants in Frederick, opportunities remain to attract missing brands and to better understand changing trends in consumer habits.

The report contains relevant demographic, spending, and economic data and can be used by businesses seeking to prepare or update a business plan, for property owners seeking new tenants, and for existing retailers interested in learning more about the changing trends in the retail market.  

Download - The City of Frederick Retail Report - The Riddle Company (PDF)