James M. Stockman Cancer Institute Opens July 31, 2017

Another major project is nearing completion; the James M. Stockman Cancer Institute will open for patients on Monday July 31. The new, state of the art institute will replace the existing Regional Cancer Therapy Center on 7th Street.

The Frederick Regional Health System has made major investments in technology with the new facility with new equipment in CyberKnife, Radiation Therapy and Imaging, but more importantly, they have created better systems and focused on better processes to improve operations and patient experience.

The majority of their cancer services (Oncology Care Consultants, Center for Chest Disease, and FRHS CyberKnife Center) are moving to the new building. The Center for Breast Care will remain at FMH Crestwood. 

The new institute was built with an optimal healing environment, with internal, external, interpersonal and behavioral focus to facilitate an innate healing process. Close attention was paid to the physical environment that patients will experience going forward.

The design and construction included the use ofcolor, light, artwork, landscaping, privacy and soundproofing. All of these elements are present to support and create a positive experience for cancer patients and their families.

Other amenities that will be offered include:

•    Physicians, nurse navigators, social workers and financial counselors will provide support and coordination to the patients during each visit
•    Discharge processes, appointment scheduling, testing and any other follow up will be scheduled and explained by patient service coordinators in the exam room before the patient and family leave. Plans of care are important to patients and staff will make sure they are understandable and well organized.
•    Newly created "on stage/off stage" clinical design supporting patient privacy and staff confidentiality...staff work in the center of the building, not visible to patients receiving treatment.
•    All physicians and all staff have received additional training regarding self-care and positive interpersonal interactions with one another.
• The simple belief is that Happy Staff will support Happy Patients.