Downtown Hotel at Carroll Creek Moves Forward

Recently the Mayor and Board of Aldermen unanimously approved $5.0 million in capital grants from the State of Maryland for the construction of public infrastructure to support the development of a full-service, 183-room hotel with meeting space and public parking in Downtown Frederick along Carroll Creek Park.  The hotel project agreements will ultimately go to the Maryland Board of Public Works for approval.  A Master Development and Funding Agreement will also be drafted for the Mayor and Board to review and approve before any funds are expended on the public parking project. The Developer, Plamondon Hospitality Partners, will be responsible for the construction costs for the hotel and meeting space, as well as ongoing maintenance and operations costs.

Last Wednesday, the project team presented the plans for the project to the City’s Historic Preservation Commission for initial review. The HPC moved that the Birely building currently located on the proposed project site is a contributing resource and of unusual importance. Accordingly, several workshops will be needed to review all aspects of this project before the HPC renders a final decision on the application for demolition of the structure. 

All meetings and workshops are public and the schedule can be found on the city website.

As well, documents and information related to the project can be found at the City's website or on the Hotel website.