Partner Spotlight: East Frederick Rising


This month, our Partner Spotlight highlights East Frederick Rising as a resource for both new and existing businesses in and around the East side of the City of Frederick. 

We recently spoke with EFR President, Julia Ferguson to learn more about the organization and the resources available to area businesses.


1.  What is the mission of East Frederick Rising (EFR)?

To serve the City of Frederick by helping to guide urban growth in a wise, incremental fashion, weaving our city’s historic charm and unique character seamlessly into development on the east side of Frederick.  

We promote residential and commercial projects that result in economic vitality and communities that are walkable, connected, vibrant, safe, attractive, and sustainable; projects that create a sense of local context while satisfying regional demand for employment, housing, and cultural amenities.
— Julia Ferguson, President, EFR
Eastchurch Sign 2016-12.jpg

2. What are the top priorities of EFR?

EFR is working with the City of Frederick, Downtown Frederick Partnership, Frederick Arts Council and others to achieve the following:
•    Remove barriers / encourage development consistent with EFR’s Vision Plan.  
•    Share information, gather input, & increase participation in/about East Frederick.
•    Bring public art to East Frederick.

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3. How did EFR get started? Tell us some history about the organization.

Citizens who believed the way the east side of Frederick is developed will have a big impact on the city overall, came together and drove an effort to create an East Frederick Vision Plan. Soon thereafter, East Frederick Rising (EFR), a volunteer non-profit organization, was incorporated. 

Since then, EFR has partnered with other organizations to sponsor a number of studies to further envision possibilities and advise on smart growth, one of which directly lead to the current efforts on the East Street Corridor. Members of EFR’s Board of Directors are now actively participating on the East Street Corridor Steering Committee.

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4. What opportunities exist for someone to get involved in EFR? (Committees, Public Meetings, etc)

We currently have 3 positions open on our Board of Directors and are seeking participants in our Community Outreach and Promotions and our Urban Planning & Design Committees.  Opportunities to engage in discussions and events will be posted on our Facebook page and website.

5. Can you share any upcoming events or any news about your organization?

We are about to launch a social media campaign to share information, gather input, & increase participation in/about matters related to East Frederick. We plan to host an event to celebrate East Frederick’s history and its bright future.  We are also actively engaged in efforts to bring a large public art installation to East Frederick.  For more, visit our website or Facebook page.


Who: East Frederick Rising

Where:  PO Box 37, Frederick, MD 21705

Call:  (240) 415-8747