Partnership Spotlight: Maryland Economic Development Association

This month, our Partner Spotlight highlights the Maryland Economic Development Association as a resource committed to improving the state’s business climate and strenthening the professionalism of those in the field of economic development.

We recently spoke with MEDA Executive Director, Pamela Ruff, to learn more about the organization and the resources available to local economic developers. 

1.            What is the mission of your organization?

The Maryland Economic Development Association (MEDA) enhances the knowledge and skills of its members, encourages partnerships and networking among people committed to bringing jobs and capital to Maryland, and promotes economic development as an investment in Maryland.

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2.            What are your top priorities?

As our mission indicates, we focus on activities that bring together parties responsible for bringing jobs and capital to Maryland.  We do this through professional development, programs, and networking.  All designed to create partnerships and relationship building.

We support our members who transform lives in Maryland by creating opportunities, inspiring innovation and enriching communities.



3.            How did the organization get started/tell us some history about your organization.

MEDA began as MIDAS (Maryland Industrial Development Association) in 1961. The purpose was (and still is) to share best practices and ideas for helping business grow and locate in the state. 

We now have over 450 members that represent all areas of economic and community development. Our public and private sector members are from every county in Maryland and support workforce, tourism, education, transportation, agriculture, financing… the list goes on and on.

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4.            Can you share any upcoming events or any news about your organization?

Here’s a link to our calendar of events[SS1] Our next program is the MEDA Annual Conference, April 29 – May 1 at the Hyatt Regency Chesapeake Bay where we will conduct a conference focused on “Telling Your Story.”  The program content will focus on finding our most unique assets, shaping the message that goes to various audiences, and engaging decision makers in the economic development process.


5.            What type of organizations are best positioned to take advantage of your services?

We find that MEDA provides one of the strongest networking opportunities in the state of Maryland.  Our members represent all the industries that were mentioned above and many others including utility companies, developers, transportation and environmental officials, chambers of commerce, and so many more. If you’re interested in business and economic growth in the state of Maryland… MEDA is the best organization to connect with all of the players.

We always encourage people who are interested in MEDA to visit our website, contact our executive director, Pam Ruff (410-347-1246 or, and to attend a conference to meet with the business and government leaders that participate in the organization on a regular basis.

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Maryland Economic Development Association (MEDA)

Address: PO Box 27039, Baltimore, MD 21230

Phone: 410-347-1246