Electric Bikes Come to Frederick

Home to the National Clustered Spires High Wheel Race, Frederick has seen its fair share of unusual bikes over the years. Each summer, riders mount late 19th century penny-farthings to race through the historic streets to the enjoyment of thousands of tourists.

Now, Frederick is about to host a new style of bikes – but this time with a more futuristic twist. Pedego Frederick, an electric bike shop, has announced it is opening a store at 125 S. Carroll Street, late this Spring. 

pedego fred.jpg

We recently caught up with Caitlin Clark, the shop's Director of Fun, to hear about this latest method of transportation to come to Frederick ----


 About the Bikes

Pedego Frederick will focus exclusively on electric-powered bicycles. Though varying between models, these electric bikes can travel up to 20 mph, and travel 50 to 60 miles from a single charging. A screen mounted on the handlebar displays the bike’s remaining battery charge; ensuring riders are able to time their rides appropriately.

The bikes offer the rider the ability to manually adjust between full motor, electric assist, and fully human powered. This enables cyclists the ability to tailor their journey on the go. Those looking for a moderately active trip, can strategically toggle their power source according to geography – perhaps looking for a special boost up a particularly daunting hill.    


About the Riders

Electric bikes have really caught on in the West Coast and in Europe. In those places, the bikes are used as alternatives to cars. Commuters looking to enjoy their ride with minimal strain, people running a quick errand, really anyone looking to get from one side of town to another quickly, efficiently, and healthily.

pedego fredd.jpg

Here we think it will appeal to those looking for casual recreation. Electric bikes are perfect for an easy City or County tour. These speciality bikes will certainly also cater to senior riders and those recovering for injury, both who would like to be mobile but may require some assistance.

Pedego Frederick looks to be a complement to the existing bike community in Frederick. Frederick already has such a tremendous base of traditional bike ridership already, supported by great local businesses such as the Bicycle Escape and Wheelbase Bike. By filling a new niche, Pedego Frederick hopes to expand upon this existing ridership and hopefully open cycling to an even broader demographic.  


About the Store

The store will feature three components - sales, rentals, and tours. Pedego Frederick is still hammering out some of the finer details regarding the tours, but plans to limit group sizes to allow easier traffic flow and a more personalized experience. The first tour – “Fall in Love with Frederick Tour” intends to feature the City’s most iconic landmarks to tourists.The store is coming down the home stretch of renovations and hopes to launch its first tours by Memorial Day.


Why Frederick?


Pedego Frederick’s owners are long-time and proud Frederick residents, so anywhere else was never really a question.

Frederick has so much to offer with its close proximity to historic battlefields, a vibrant downtown scene, an exciting brewery industry on the rise, easy access to the C&O canal and beautiful country scenery. Frederick is too big to walk, but too exciting to experience from a car … making it an electric biker’s paradise!