FDK Runway Extension Project Awarded Over $4M in Grant Funding

 More than $4-million in federal funding  has been awarded to Frederick Municipal Airport's (FDK) runway extension project. The money, provided through the Federal Aviation Administration’s Airport Improvement Program, will be delivered through two grants -- both of which are accompanied by a corresponding 5% of eligible cost match by the Maryland Aviation Administration. The first FAA grant - $4,134,419- will be directed towards the third & final stage of runway obstacle removal, while the second grant - $385,000 - will be used for the design phase of the project.

FDK's runway is planned to be extended by 600' to 5820'. This extension will increase the safety margins for all aircraft and will allow the larger corporate jets that operate out of Frederick to take on a greater fuel and passenger load -- making FDK a more capable & attractive airport overall and further solidifying its role as a regional economic driver. 

In 2015, an economic study by the Maryland Aviation Administration (MAA) aimed to quantify the impacts of Frederick Municipal Airport. FDK was found to create over 1,000 actual and estimated jobs -- which summed to nearly $60 million in local personal income. The business revenue generated by FDK topped out over a remarkable $110 million, which serviced another $6.316 million in state and local taxes. 

Since the 2015 study, FDK has only continued to expand and develop its business-related opportunities. Earlier this year, the airport solicited bids for the development of a standalone, private hangar and a multi-hangar complex. These developments will offer unprecedented opportunity for corporate operators to base aircraft at FDK. The future runway extension project will also contribute to the positive economic impact of the airport -- by increasing fuel sales and attracting more aircraft to the facility, which, in turn, will drive local job creation.