Partner Spotlight : Regional Manufacturing Institute of Maryland

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The Manufacturing industry has played a part of Frederick’s history for centuries. Names that still resonate today such as Frederick Brick Works and McCutcheons, have a place in Frederick Manufacturing history.

Stulz-ATS, EDCO, Canam Steel, AstraZeneca, Miscellaneous Metals, Wright Manufacturing and RoosterBio are just a few of the many advanced manufactures that currently call Frederick home.

A partner advocating on behalf of manufacturing is the Regional Manufacturing Institute of Maryland (RMI) and is highlighted in our Partner Spotlight for this month.

1. What is the mission of the Regional Manufacturing Institute of Maryland?

RMI’s mission is to advocate for Maryland manufacturing and help companies grow and be competitive.

Manufacturing, driven by advanced technologies and visionary leadership, is on a fast track for growth over the next decade. Frederick is proof positive that manufacturing growth is possible
— Mike Galiazzo, President, RMI

2. What are the top priorities and initiatives of RMI?

Image Campaign - promoting a positive image of manufacturing
Energy Services – Saving manufacturers over $2 million
Tectonic Shift – Initiative to attract STEM students to manufacturing
Manufacturing 4.0 - Promoting new advanced technologies and systems
Emerging Leaders in Manufacturing - Supporting young leaders
Workforce Development – Promoting apprenticeships
Engaging Annapolis - Legislation supporting manufacturing growth

3. How did RMI get started? Tell us some history about your organization

Mike Galiazzo, President, RMI

Mike Galiazzo, President, RMI

RMI was “incubated” at Dundalk Community College (DCC) in 1990. The Baltimore County Executives, Dennis Rasmussen, requested DCC President Martha Smith to provide a plan to serve manufacturing in a comprehensive way. Mike Galiazzo was tasked to work with a committee to provide an innovative plan. The result was RMI. The first Board was appointed by Rasmussen. In the late -90’s RMI became a 501c (6) private sector organization, with a board representing business, education, government and community.

Today, RMI has expanded to become a state-wide organization, serving our industry and providing advocacy and a voice for Maryland manufacturers in Annapolis. RMI has hosted 100’s of events, save and served thousands of companies across Maryland over the past 27 years.

4. Can you share any upcoming events or news about RMI?

November 29, 2018 is RMI 2018 Champions of Maryland manufacturing Gala to be held at Martin’s West from 6-9:00PM. This is Maryland’s signature Manufacturing event. Frederick County has joined others in sponsoring this year’s event and many nominations have come from the County. We will celebrate the top 3 Champions of Maryland manufacturing in eight different categories from across the state and honor our Grand Champion, Aris Melissaratos, Dean, Brown School of Business and Leadership, Stevenson University. We have received over 200 nominations spanning every county and Baltimore city. Details can be found at


5. Tell us about your “Image Campaign”

RMI’s image campaign helps put a face on manufacturing. We want policy makers to better understand what is being made in their jurisdictions, how many people are being employed and how those products are helping us in our daily lives. We want stakeholders to see the good work that manufacturers are doing in their communities. We want kids to see manufacturing as fun and a great career challenge.


Equally important, we want policymakers to understand the dynamic changes that are occurring in manufacturing so that future legislation and workforce decisions are not made based on previous needs. A new industrial revolution is taking place (Manufacturing 4.0) as manufacturers have to build their R&D capabilities, as well as expertise in data analytics and product design. They will need qualified, computer-savvy factory workers and agile managers for complex global supply chains.

To ensure workers have the skills required there must be improvements in math and analytical skills. As part of RMI’s Image Campaign, RMI facilitates collaboration with industry and educational institutions to ensure that skills learned in school fit the needs of employers.

To learn more about the Regional Manufacturing Institute of Maryland, click here.