City Priority Project: Downtown Public Infrastructure

Downtown Public Infrastructure

Frederick’s east side (2,200 acres) is growing and poised to expand the City’s vibrant Downtown area. The City is constructing public infrastructure projects necessary to manage & sustain this growth potential — which currently includes over $150M in planned private development. Close public-private partnerships will deliver these projects efficiently & effectively.

Proposed projects include:

· New East Side Parking – construction of underground public parking along Carroll Creek to service demands from new developments; ground-level area to be leased for private construction of a full service hotel & conference center

· New Trails— Installation of the East Street ‘Rails to Trails’ by City; dedication of 70+ acre park & extension of Carroll Creek Shared Use Path by developer (Matan Companies)

· Monocacy Boulevard Traffic Improvement Project

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East Side Parking Structure

Rails to Trails

Renn Quarter (Shared Use Path by Matan Companies)

Monocacy Boulevard Project