How Dublin Roasters Makes "The Most Excellent Beans"

Made in Frederick: Dublin Roasters Coffee

Story by Nick Masucci, Intern, Hood College

When walking into Dublin Roasters Coffee for the first time, there is an open atmosphere that makes customers feel welcome. This was owner Serina Roy’s goal when she moved her coffee roasting business to Frederick, Maryland.

Roy began roasting coffee 15 years ago as a hobby for small coffee companies in Frederick and Westminster when she wasn’t working as a police officer for The City of Frederick. As she started delivering coffee to more coffee shops, Roy also started demonstrating her coffee-roasting techniques and speaking to customers at different events in the area. Her business grew after more customers tried her coffee and saw how she crafted it.

Roy originally started roasting coffee in her garage before moving into a shop in New Market, Maryland. Her business was located in New Market for three years before moving her shop to Frederick in 2010.

Today, Dublin Roasters creates a variety of roasted coffee beans in their shop, which is located on 1780 N. Market Street in Frederick. In her shop, she sells coffee by the cup, specialty drinks, baked goods, and locally-made products.  Dublin Roasters can also create custom coffee blends for customers for special occasions, such as weddings. All of their beans are locally roasted in Frederick.

In addition to roasting coffee beans, Dublin Roasters offers fresh coffee by the cup, specialty coffees, their special roasts by the bag, baked goods, locally produced foods and handmade items.
According to Roy, starting with a quality product is the secret to crafting a great cup of coffee. “We only buy the most excellent beans,” she said.  Her beans come from small family farms, and she personally knows the farmers.

When roasting her coffee, Roy said that “every single bean reacts differently to the heat and to the environment.” The beans tell you how to roast them and that each bean tells its own tale. This is one of the things that Roy enjoys most about her business.

“The coffee is freshly roasted; we only roast when a customer orders it or when we’re out of coffee,” said Roy. Roy said that Dublin Roasters prides itself on making fresh coffee for its customers, making sure their coffee is not acidic or bitter.

Bean roasting process step-by-step. 
Frederick offers a great community of people who support local businesses, she said. “People here want to put their money into homegrown things,” said Roy. The community goes out of its way to support local businesses and locally made products.

Roy considers Dublin Roasters a community center for the people of Frederick and for people who are passionate about coffee.  The shop’s open space allows different groups of people in the community to come together and meet.

At Dublin Roasters, “We want to talk to you; we don’t want to just serve you,” said Roy.

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