McClintock Distillery to Call Downtown Frederick Home

A new business is in the process of calling Downtown Frederick and Carroll Creek Park home. McClintock Distilling Company announced plans to renovate 35 South Carroll Street and open in the fall. They will focus on small batch, limited release products that use unconventional ingredients. 

McClintock Distilling on Instagram
A recent press release shared by the company states they will launch with a craft gin using Appalachian-inspired botanicals as well as a sustainably sourced white whiskey. 

Frederick history is tied to this new business as well. The story of a local figure and innovator in the 1800's, McClintock Young, is a source of inspiration for the company. According to their website, "McClintock Young's incredible story will be integral to the products and experiences of the distillery." 

Their website and Instagram account show current work being done on the interior of the building, including great time-lapse videos of the improvements to the space.

City code was amended in December of 2014, which permitted small craft distilleries in the Downtown Frederick area. McClintock Distilling Company is just one distillery expected to open as a result of the updated legislation. For more information on the legislation, read the related post, "Are small distilleries the next big thing for Frederick?"

"We've had inquiries from other distilleries as well, and are very excited to follow the progress of the craft distillery industry in Frederick," said Economic Development Manager Bobby Baumler. 

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